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    It is reading social media... X Platform is tied to Grok LLM, and one of the main reasons Musk made the purchase.
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    Pro surfers/no insurance/begging for money on GoFundMe

    I am baffled that nobody has gone off on what a racket the insurance industry has become. I wouldn't have been surprised, that even if he had purchased event coverage, they would have found a way to deny his claim or reimburse for a fraction of the total cost. I worked with an affluent broker...
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    Logic has eluded Zeke

    Publishing Black's on YouTube and publishing that spot on YouTube are not the same. Black's will have 100 guys out regardless. Publishing that spot on YouTube with no landmarks and publishing that spot on YouTube WITH LANDMARKS are not the same. Publishing that spot days after the swell (so...
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    Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

    Nazare is Everest and Jaws/Mavericks/Mully are K2/Annapurna. You can climb Everest with a bunch of Sherpas doing the heavy lifting and pat yourself on the back or go up the harder mountains that don't get as much mainstream media attention knowing personally the difference in difficulty. All of...
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    They believe dinosaurs were on Noah's ark

    Do you know anything about the decay rate? You have to estimate the decay rate. And a lot of scientists, Christians, and Christian scientists (pun intended) lie. Also, is not the entire scientific theory built around observation? How then, are you able to observe the rate of decay of...
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    Bethany Hamilton -- done!

    What a weird time we live in. The people at the very top want the West to support dudes acting like chick's while China is adamant on maintaining traditional gender roles. We All this gender confusion and corporate enforcement seems like a ploy to weaken us militarily. But everyone wants so bad...
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Yeah you can paddle out there when it's big. It's around 3/4 mile long reef from south to north. You walk down to the southern end of it on a big swell where there's still whitewater coming in from the outside but a little further south there's the channel. The lefts aren't really worth it over...
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Who did they buy out? I never knew they had competition. There's a lot of cringy stuff about Surfline, but there old LOLA was the sh!t. You could zoom in and individual spots and get accurate swell height. Over a decade ago I used it to track one of the biggest swells to ever hit Mexico. It was...
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Is that what you put up your sinuses after some frothy poo barrels?
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Enough with the financial fluff. The conspiracy story is more interesting. That being said...I'm home sick and have doing the same thing. More time spent on Surfline in the last 2 days than the last 2 years.
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    LOL. I was just about to mention that. Seems like the upper half of Newport is completely out (convenient time for the locals). There some sort of collusion going on here? Isn't Surfline headquarters in Huntington Beach? Wouldn't surprise me if they've all commuted southward and turned off some...
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    I've surfed it several times between 3-4x OH. Only place in S.D. I've had to climb my leash. There seem to be these fingers of reef extending out and south. Once the wave breaks on the ridge it pushes into deep water so you get shoved down pretty deep. There are some massive barrels to be had...
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    Possible move to Florida from CA

    I moved to the Tampa/Clearwater area and don't regret it a bit. Im not at the level you're at financially (I work in healthcare accounting directly under thr CFO) but even with my modest salary, I'm able to live somewhat decently and support my family in Florida. In CA we'd be starving...
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    Explanation of Localism

    I wasn't really sure what I was trying to say either. Maybe there's a crowd convergence on the East Coast do to primarily local short period swell events only lighting up select regions. Whereas the Pacific Coast lights up from San Diego to Seaside on a lot of individual swell events. There's...
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    Explanation of Localism

    Yeah east coast is different. It's usually a select zone that lights up vs an entire stretch of coast. So you have pros and rippers tuned in from New England to Florida ready to pounce on an individual spot because of surfline. But I was literally just in south Beach and it was 6-8 foot...
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    Explanation of Localism

    This is the problem. There are so many other better ways to make money than promoting more surfers. It's so stupid. But the irony of it is that all of the people (myself included) are on here using a product (this forum) that was built from funds that came from surf exploitation. And posting...
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    Explanation of Localism

    The best solution I've found to the overcrowding problem is to post up and surf the heaviest wave in the area on the heaviest days. If you do this you will often find yourself in giant barrels, laughing while you're doing multiple cartwheels underwater, and sharing the lineup with just a couple...
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    Florida Bros - How you doin?

    My wife and I moved to Tampa last year. My mom has consistantly been giving us a hard time for putting ourselves (mostly my 2 little boys) in harms way. Every phone call she'd say "Aren't you worried about the hurricanes?" To which I'd reply "mom, a major hurricane hasn't hit Tampa in over 100...
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    Miami was PUMPING

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    Miami was PUMPING

    I got there at around 8:30 A.M. and it was was significantly larger than that video. Somehow I talked my wife into letting me go even though we had a 1 P.M. checkout. it was every bit of 6-8 foot. Bigger than I could ever imagine Florida getting. The locals on the beach were coming up with some...