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  1. tom@daumtooling

    US made fins

    We are still making fins here in the San Clemente Surf Ghetto for Red X, LokBox and Surfer's Choice (Twin Tab and Future's compatible). And, Mark is making a few up the alley for O'Fish'l.
  2. tom@daumtooling

    Greg Griffin RIP

    So sorry for his family. RIP GG!
  3. tom@daumtooling

    RIP Brad Basham

    Saturday afternoon he was in the back and was found on the floor unconscious. The doctors pronounced him brain dead on Sunday. He will be missed!
  4. tom@daumtooling

    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    A while back I wrote this mini article; When you walk into your favorite surf shop and get all google eyed over the masterpieces in the racks, it’s not the fins you’re drooling over. Think about it for a minute though. What is a surfboard, but a summation of hydrodynamic surfaces. Just as an...
  5. tom@daumtooling


    FCS II was developed not because it was something surfer's had to have. It was because their twin tab patents had expired and they couldn't stop competitors from making replacement fins. The FCS II patent covers their spring lock. So, the grub screws are a way around the patent.
  6. tom@daumtooling

    Who are the shapers of your quiver?

    My brother Jerry O'Keefe shapes Sol Stix as his own label. Al Merrick my one board left from La Jolla Surf System days Malcomb Campbell Cole Smith
  7. tom@daumtooling

    Leash Plugs

    If you've bought a Lost Board in the last three years or a Patterson Board in the last 6 months, you have a Daum Tooling leash plug. And for you Back Yard shapers you can get them at Basham's.
  8. tom@daumtooling


    I think we're a little further along in development
  9. tom@daumtooling

    SurFinZ fin boxes

    If you need replacement boxes or fins we have a small stock remaining. Surfinz is an Aussie owned company that produced them in China. They started to make in roads in the US market. But, weren't willing to spend the marketing dollars that FCS and Future's did. So, they never really took hold.
  10. tom@daumtooling

    poll for Design Forum nerds:

    Dad taught me to surf around 1966 at 5 years old on a Hobie longboard at San O. Had my first short board shaped at age 10 from a neighbor down the street in Shore Cliffs. My second board was at age 13 and was again a garage shape from a friends older brother. By that time we were surfing...
  11. tom@daumtooling

    What Happened to Cortes Bank

    There are several Banks out there that Navigators need to be aware of. The Good Will went down on Sacramento Reef. Every year we race around the Harvest Buoy on Tanner Bank and have to sail past Cortez Bank on the way back in. The Banks and Reefs are easy they stay put. It's the floating junk...
  12. tom@daumtooling


    You can get most of the fins we've made for LokBox through Block Surf. (805)583-0057 . What we don't have are large white boxes. We've got Large Black and Micro in white. Don't ever worry about fins being available. We've got several hundred in inventory.
  13. tom@daumtooling

    Kelly's decline(?) on Slater Designs. And his usage of odd surfboards.

    The first Pop Outs were Plastic Fantastics. They were built in molds. So, every board was the same shape for a given size and model.
  14. tom@daumtooling

    smallest quad trailers?

    All the Nubsters we make are 50/50 foils. We do make a 3.8" 80/20 Quad trailer and a 3.625" side bite that are available through Block Surf in both Twin Tab and Futures compatible bases.
  15. tom@daumtooling

    Kelly's decline(?) on Slater Designs. And his usage of odd surfboards.

    From what I saw last week, he was having FUN! Come on Carving 360 at Back Door. He's made his fortune and plenty of titles.
  16. tom@daumtooling

    This newer style leash design is failing compared to the old style.

    MACSAN, It depends upon the plastic the leash is made from. As I said above there are three types of urethane Polyether and Polycaprolactone are hydrophobic and Polyester is hydroscopic. If you are keeping the spare leash in your car it's going through heat cycles everyday. A polyester leash...
  17. tom@daumtooling

    This newer style leash design is failing compared to the old style.

    Daum Tooling, Inc. started making the custom components that go into making many of the U.S, domestically made leashes back in the 80's. But, not all domestic leash manufacturers use 100% our parts. The leash cuffs are often made with Chinese swivel plates because it's labor intensive to sew...
  18. tom@daumtooling

    How to tell which Fins are most upright?

    The appropriate measurement for how up right a fin is is called rake. If you draw a line from the leading edge base to the farthest aft trailing tip you will get an angled line. The more upright that line is the more upright the template is.
  19. tom@daumtooling

    Quad Fin recs for CI Rocket Wide? We make the FRP fins for Channel Islands.
  20. tom@daumtooling

    Fin Toe In

    Yes, Blakestah did have Surf Trux a few years back. I haven't seen any in a while. We've been working with One 80 fins They have a self aligning toe system for the boxes. You can adjust how much range they will allow toe in from water flow and rider in put. There is...