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    Robbie Knievel RIP

    Another one down.
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Haha! Saw myself in the LB video. Looked like BobbyB on the beach.
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    Civil engineer?

    I’ve watched the berm being built and watched them level it. Sand comes from north side and stays on south side. Granted, I understand the homeowners concerns about flooding, but I’ve seen it flood with heavy rain! Maybe someone from Manson or Connelly will read this I know both Chads...
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    Civil engineer?

    To convince the city council to agree to do something to improve the surf, you need an engineer. Surfers that know the break understand what is needed, but the people who have the power to change the way things are done need an engineer.
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    Civil engineer?

    Are the any civil engineers, in the OC, that understand what Seal Beach needs to get back to the way it broke in the 80’s? There is way too much sand and the community there could use some help! I grew up there, started surfing in 1972. I stopped surfing seal about 2015. The city repaired the...
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    Has there ever been anyone as hot as Stevie Nicks in the 70s?

    I tried to get this photo of Ursula to post, but it wouldn't. She was hot as fvck!
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    Explanation of Localism

    I lived in the same location for over 40 years, walking distance. As a grom, I earned my place in the lineup. As I aged, the lessons taught to me were passed down. My younger brother and his friends didn’t get a hall pass. Fast forward 30+ years. Hair and suit dry, getting ready to paddle...
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    Every county in Ca is benefiting from SB1. Many of you may remember proposition No on 6. That was to repeal SB1, which is the “gas tax”. Another tax is the measure M money, which if memory serves correct is a half cent sales tax, that goes for road work. What is worrisome is SB1137. That...
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    North Shore friends...need a favor

    Well, since finding blue shells was like finding a needle in a haystack, I purchased a blue necklace at a gift shop…the Brady bunch clip also helped my decision
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    North Shore friends...need a favor

    Or I can purchase a necklace for her. They have a wide variety of prices. Not too concerned about a shell necklace breaking the bank. PM me if you are interested.
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    North Shore friends...need a favor

    I’m on the north shore right now. I saw the post earlier and when I was on the beach, all I found were really tiny shells. I’m here until Tuesday, so I’ll keep an eye out. Sorry for your loss.
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    Anyone else remember "The Surf Report"

    INDTUBE, would you be willing to sell any of those? I believe that I only need 2 to have the entire set. 2 large binder full.
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    L.A. Drivers ... R.I.P. Anne Heche

    SHE DID NOT DIE. Of course, now there are mental health issues to boot!
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    L.A. Drivers ... R.I.P. Anne Heche

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    L.A. Drivers ... R.I.P. Anne Heche

    On the job I was on last, we had an operating engineer doing the K rail layout for a closure. So the freeway went from 4 lanes to 2. This is a major closure, so there are a lot of people and equipment spread out. Anyway, a drunk decided he didn’t want to wait to merge. He turned off his...
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    L.A. Drivers ... R.I.P. Anne Heche

    I work in heavy highway, meaning on freeways. I usually start around midnight, because it's safer! Get all the equipment in the center median, then start working the shoulders. It is my opinion that you have to be a complete fvckup to get pulled over these days. The signs that show a cars...
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    Andy Lyons For Mayor!

    This makes me laugh. I surfed for 45 years and surfed Malibu exactly once. In the 80's a south came in at the same time as a full moon. I always wanted to surf it, but the place was always packed and it didn't seem like too much fun. Made the drive from OC and arrived at 1am. There had to...
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    It only takes one aggressive longboarder or stand up paddler to……..

    15 years ago, a hurricane swell hit overnight. The forecasting gurus were calling for it a day later. Checked it at 0 dark hundred, called a friend, suited up and paddled out. I was by myself for about an hour, shoulder to head high, mildly inconsistent. A father and son paddled out on long...