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    Surfskate n Show

    No more Ca tax, surf BSR 4x a week and probably get paid to do it. Excess money for surf trips.
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    DK Swordfish maybe?
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    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    You think he’s on here???
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Someone needs to get a banana fish and report back.
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    The (Prone) Paddleboard Thread

    That’s what I use
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    Shipping a prone paddleboard

    tech, Bark stock.
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    Shipping a prone paddleboard

    I got a quote for $350 without insurance. Already a lot of cash, and paranoid about damage. Think I’ll just strap it to the roof.
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    Shipping a prone paddleboard

    Looking for any advice from any of you that have shipped a prone paddleboard. Shipping 1 from east to west coast in Sept. Any freight company recommendations? Technique’s for packing the board so it doesn’t get trashed by the freight company?
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    Review for FCS II Power Twins?

    Look like Griffin fins :unsure::oops:
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    Potential Move to Puerto Rico

    Awesome Ulu!!
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    How do you like the deathstar compared to the Vadar? Thought I read you had one of those as well. Sic quiver!
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    Any of you guys ever order a board in XTR without the carbon, meaning straight stringerless or with a wood stringer, no frills added? If so, how did you like the feel?
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    Tomo MPH

    Goodfish, how did you like the xtr vadar? Sizing is crucial I hear, length around chin height. Is that how you sized it? Seems like a sic board, heard an interview with Tomo, said it’s one of his all time favorites.
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    Death by private air charters trip me out

    Flying into Mammoth is no big deal as long as the weather isn’t bad. When it is, Bishop is the place to go. That Advanced Air outfit fly’s in and out of there probably more than anyone.
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    Potential Move to Puerto Rico

    Like most places it gets crowded. The main spots are for sure, but even those spots have plenty of windows with light crowds. Lots of spots off of the beaten path get good with minimal crowd. Stay the course, you’re in for a great time.
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    Potential Move to Puerto Rico

    You‘ll be very stoked there for sure, 1 of my favorite places.
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    Death by private air charters trip me out

    Doing that circle to land for runway 27R off of the GPS approach to runway 17 with low ceilings is dangerous/sketchy AF in any airplane let alone a Lear 35. If they would have just done a missed approach and diverted to Montgomery Field or Lindbergh (both have straight in approaches with lower...
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    Potential Move to Puerto Rico

    Very familiar with the area. Great surf in the winter, summer you’d rather be in ncsd (Surf and temp wise). I’d recommend renting for awhile, check out all the options and if you can see yourself living there.
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
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    Prone paddleboarding

    Thinking of getting into some paddling for surf fitness. Everyone seems stoked on it that gets into it. You guys noticing a lot of benefits in your surfing from this? Thanks!