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  1. Clamsmasher

    Rusty new model looks pretty fun (!)

    Really enjoyed the Dutch Rudder.
  2. Clamsmasher

    Modernized 70s single fin

    It’s a reward for the handjobs.
  3. Clamsmasher

    Skipper's Surf Review: Is it time to stop hating?

    Watching him surf is like pushing fresh button batteries up my urethra.
  4. Clamsmasher

    Picking a Third Travel Board

    Can’t believe nobody has suggested an 8’0” Surftech Nugget.
  5. Clamsmasher

    My glistening Günt.

    I am indeed. A lot of people actually mistake me for Occy:sneaky:
  6. Clamsmasher

    My glistening Günt.

    Just adequate x underwhelming. But also 175 x 85-90. I’ve bulked up in the gym considerably last year or so and I’m really lost in space with volume. 85 used to be the upper limit of fatcuntishness for me but now I hit that weight lean. I talked to Guntz when I ordered, casually mentioning...
  7. Clamsmasher

    My glistening Günt.

    The same reason pornstars use a penis pump. It just hangs meatier.
  8. Clamsmasher

    My glistening Günt.

    I ordered a special autistic version of this.... Neo Retro Besides the channels, just an extra subtle bump. It's beautiful and beefy. 33.4lts
  9. Clamsmasher

    Fin this board

    Soar Dahlberg Medium
  10. Clamsmasher

    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    Oh my god. That is t!ts
  11. Clamsmasher

    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    Just got a shitlength twinny. Was a demo for a pro, got it fairly cheap basically ridden once. flat to double, pronounced vee with light double between the feet… not a single rideable wave in sight for a long time.
  12. Clamsmasher

    FCS infills for Future boxes.

    I wish these were still around.
  13. Clamsmasher

    Daniel Jones Twin

    Oh fck no nut November is over early.
  14. Clamsmasher

    Is it possible to rip on a mid-length?

    It can if your lover isn’t gentle.
  15. Clamsmasher

    Does carbon fiber along the stringer actually make your board less likely to snap?

    If the carbon is on a poly board it is just for show. Even on am epoxy board, you are really unlikely to be getting the most out of the carbon as the resin to fibre ratio weighs heavily toward resin….the weakest link.
  16. Clamsmasher

    Too bad Bruno never went to the Boardroom Show.

    Peter Schroff makes Liberace look straight.
  17. Clamsmasher

    Salad Douce

    I don’t agree with “all rockers”. Twins really need to be a bit flatter through the tail or drive suffers badly. There are many ways to skin a cat….but if you were to put twins on a hp thruster you would end up in a bind putting huge fins further up from the tail, and having to surf the board...
  18. Clamsmasher

    You'll all be riding popouts in the future :) Or starting a GoFundMe.

    Expensive boards are just dopamine delivery vehicle. This is how bad things start. When your $1500 dollar fish doesn’t give you the pleasure you expected in packed 2’ 7second sh1t beachies you get all depressed and need to do something more maxtreme to get the same high. So you order a couple...
  19. Clamsmasher

    Kai lenny and backwards quads.

    McKee wrote about bigguns at the back ages ago too. Plus Murray Bourton has what he calls a twinzer which I closer to a backwards quad