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    What is the value of 10% of Kelia Moniz's prior contract?

    Seems to me there a lot of "Pros" still living the life. I don't know how but they do. Eric Geiselman is one that comes to mind (his brother too?). I've always liked his surfing and crazy airs. I also like that he's a musician, fisherman, skater, and Florida boy. He seems to be doing great...
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    Tesla Truck - - - DONE !!

    I want one of these!
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    What'd You Get?!?!?

    wife got us tickets to the big island in June...stocked!
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    What to do with a stack of Surfer's Journals

    I would surely appreciate them! So would my 13 year old son how reads all the SJ's I get in the mail. I would be happy to pay some $$$ too!
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    This stuff is wayy better than JB weld. I bet it would fix yer waders too.
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    I've put these through some sh!t in the Caribbean, Hawaii and central. They just keep getting more broken in. Great to trail run in or go hiking in. You have to get over the feeling like Jesus when you wear...
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    Bethany Hamilton -- done!

    I'm curious what happened to Bruce. I hope he's still getting out there. Always loved his surfing and felt he didn't get the credit he deserved since AI was always in the limelight. I am just a few years younger so seeing him in the mags was a big influence and yeah the Volcom Stone co was...
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    Can we talk about these little bags of poop that are showing up on my neighborhood streets and walkways?

    With 2 acres of land and no fence, I NEVER even see my 2 dog's sh!t. They also get lots of exercise. Besides going on a walk/run everyday we also can walk to the beach and they go for a swim quite often. With no fence around the property, they go on little walkabouts and get in to trouble...
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    $25 for a pair of socks is ridic These are made from bamboo and the shizzlenit: Best boots for men who work: A handsaw that can rival a chainsaw: Kickass machete thats cheap, good...
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    Different strains....

    "My spliff tallah than the Eiffel towah"
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    The Laird

    The garment industry is like the plastic water bottle industry. Creating so much waste when there is perfectly good clothes already in existence and filterable water where bottle water is sold. See Atacama Chile as an example...
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    Is it time I listened to a Taylor Swift song?

    Heard this one on a cool little surf flick, kinda dig it although lyrics kinda dark.
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    I was bangtanga before that so probably been here since about 2002 or so.
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    yeah how did you know?
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    Lol, yeah please continue bickering, its very productive and a good use of time. No one wants to talk about the real issues though which is humanity needs a reboot. When you're talking to your TV to turn it on and calling that progress, we are surely on a path to destruction.
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    Those videos are not convincing to me. The rockets are coming from a different location and have a different trajectory from where the explosion happened. I'm not saying who did or did not do it, just that the video does not exonerate group IMO. You guys are ridiculous with the going back and...
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    Can we talk about that jobs report?

    If you want to learn more about the intricacies of petroleum and energy, these podcasts are very enlightening:
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    Guys we are living in a time of extreme polarization and groups with power are using this to their advantage. I believe polarization is the essence of this third dimensional realm. Light/dark, positive negative, good/bad, etc. In this situation, there is blood on both sides and failed policy...
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    Athletic Greens (AG-1) - who's sipping it?

    No comparison brah! There is only one Tang and I gots that Tonic too yo! Btw, I enjoy podcasts and its a lovely compliment to weedwacking! Just listened to the latest Surfer's Journal one with 2-John and the one prior with Gerlach was pretty good too. I also really enjoy the many podcasts...