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    Carves - A thread of pictures

    Parko again
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    Carves - A thread of pictures

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    Beau Foster makes the most beautiful surfboards

    Something like this for the deeper water waves with big open walls south of here.
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    Beau Foster makes the most beautiful surfboards

    Autumn has been great down here….6’8 Mini Padillac is pretty much the only board I’ve used since early March.
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    Should most of us be riding a 7'0 thruster?

    Rocker people! If you want them to surf hp at that length keep ‘em bendy……and no wide noses(n)
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    Should most of us be riding a 7'0 thruster?

    Not a bad option, quite surprised by the range of my 6’8. Can be used as a cheater shorty in half decent waves. Something like this in the low 7’ range could be a good time.
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Headed west weekend before last and scored!
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    Pyzel White Tiger

    It sure does. I’ve had a blast on mine in HH waves.
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    6'9 Ray Finlay Stepup

    That’s looks sick mate! Any deets on the bottom contours? Got to be happy with the build times, this and the Keogh were done super quick. Better order another one while you’re on a roll:p.
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    Ah! the big guy (or old guy) shortboard. I’ve been singing their praises for years. Paddle, glide and early entry but turn about a hundred times better than the average mid.
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    Pyzel Mini Padillac

    Thanks Maz :cheers: Money4coffeeman, Jon might chime in here but I think I read somewhere he prefers the Mini Padi as a quad and uses the Padillac fins. edit: just found the post and no mention of Padillac fins.
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    Pyzel Mini Padillac

    Hi money4coffeeman, I was a bit limited with fin choice as I only took 2 sets with me. Tried it as a thruster (waves were smallish) with Dane L’s but didn’t like it. Went straight to the EA quads and it felt great. Shop guy suggested I use double foiled rears as single foil would feel too...
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    Pyzel Mini Padillac

    Walked into a shop on a recent trip to the Gold Coast and this thing was sitting front and centre at the counter. 6’8, futures and red?…I couldn’t pass it up.
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    Pyzel Mini Padillac

    Great info. Almost pulled the trigger on one a few weeks back but had yet to see one in person, hesitated and someone snapped it up. Will definitely be checking them out when I’m up on the Goldy in a few weeks, sounds like my type of board.
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    Petal to the Metal Surfboards

    Pretty sure the shaper is Ash Ward (Eagle Sword Surfboards).
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    mature Dante reviews?

    I agree, not hard to get into at all it’s just getting out of the damn thing. I don’t see mine lasting long with the battle I have getting the thing off. Those seams will be facked in no time.
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    mature Dante reviews?

    I agree with sizing up. I have a 2/2 short arm Dante in large and could easily go XL. As far as performance goes, I immediately felt the seams in the legs leak as I waded out very first surf. Also it’s the hardest suit to get out of that I’ve ever had and it’s a 2 mil short arm ffs! Sizing is a...
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    Harley Ingleby series Moe and Mid6

    Said g’day to a bloke a few months back carrying a Moe. Dude was mid 50’s, out of shape, big gut and smoking a ciggy. Didn‘t think much until I saw him paddle out and tear the sh!t out of the HH lefts on his backhand. Not quite vert but 1 o’clock hits on repeat with some nice variety and flow...
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    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    Just bought another Wayne Deane but it’s at my bro’s place on the Gold Coast so I haven’t seen it in person yet. 6’5 2+1 but the guy was running it as a straight single. It’s a bit rough but should clean up ok.