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    Hotties of Yesteryear

    Local girl. RIP Kim. Met Julie Newmar at my high school girlfriend's house, she was good friends with her mom Edie Adams. Ahubbba, ahubbba:dancing:
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    The Random Photo Thread - The Sequel

    THIS is truly RANDOM:bowdown:
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    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Was thinking about heading up to Mammoth on Sunday though Thursday for my B-Day but just saw on the Weather Channel that MM and surrounding areas are expecting up to 6 feet of snow from this approaching storm! Does that sound right?:drowning: Think we'll delay this one and head up the week after.
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    Kooks and Negligence

    I'm still puzzled as $hit. Miramar in July?:sneaky:
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    Kooks and Negligence

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ I was going to comment on the "King of Drop-ins," thanks for addressing the obvious. Unfortunately, chances are, the plaintiff's attorney is probably a douchebag ambulance chaser and only collects if there is a judgment in the plaintiff's favor, at which point he taps him for 50-60%...
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    Hello everyone..

    Where have you been :shrug:
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    Kooks and Negligence

    NOPE. BTW... WTF? Miramar in the summer? :shrug:
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    What is the best smell ever?

    Goleta Beach after a sewage spill :shrug:
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    Jacob Rothschild DONE!

    Move to the political board.
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    The Random Photo Thread - The Sequel

    15 ways to serve the same ingredients. Still the same to this day :foreheadslap:
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    If I were a ranch Chicken

    Seems to me this thread needs to be addressed after reading the "Different Strains" thread :cheers:
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    *** Official Surfing Photo Thread ***

    Friend of mine just sent me this pic of Razor's from last swell:drowning:
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    Official Bird & Nature Post

    All the times and places we surfed down there people would tell us "peligroso, grande caiman aqui" We never saw any. Only time I saw one in the wild was at this little jungle restaurant on a small rivermouth/swamp in the bay of Zihuatunajo. ElO may know.
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    The Random Photo Thread - The Sequel

    What a fvcking idiot :foreheadslap:
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    Can we talk about the Golden Sneakers?

    You can take one of these while wearing them
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    Taking driftwood from the beach…

    If you want to surf Rincon you have to bring home driftwood.
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    *** Official Surfing Photo Thread ***

    ^^^The bass I caught yesterday was this big^^^
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    Official Bird & Nature Post

    Caught this guy hunting for gophers in the ice plant down at Jellybowl this AM. I just missed by 10seconds as he grabbed one and choked it down right before us! Surf is mucho grande today :drowning: