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    Longest you have waited for a custom order?

    Yeah what happened to that guy - he made great boards - the quad was a breakthrough board for me - I was victim in the 00's.
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    I wonder who shot up Kansas City

    I lived in KC for a while - Go Chiefs! I actually love to visit KC and hit up all my BBQ spots - the people that live there have that midwest friendliness - lots of guns and shootings in that E side of city - there is one road in kCMO called Troost and separates the poor black population from...
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Well I went and picked it up this morning - absolutely mint condition - NEVER Waxed - Never ridden = anyone that wants to ride it just let me know
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Its all mine!
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    Rip Curl - DONE!

    I found it! wow! I had no idea - Double Done!
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    Rip Curl - DONE!

    I had no idea Rip Curl was using slave labor in N. Korea - can you post a link for that - thanks for that Info - Just give me another reason the boycott their products. I have purchased at least 2 rip curl wetsuits a year for the last 15 years and frequently hit up their outlet in San Clemente...
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    Rip Curl - DONE!

    Woke defined - love this answer
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    Rip Curl - DONE!

    Are you fucking serious Dude! Another libtard fool spewing bullshit.
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    Rip Curl - DONE!

    Another Woke Company DONE! I know they won't get anymore of my money. how fucking stupid can you be.
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    Mouse at the Wires in My Car Engine

    Most likely rabbits - I used to live in Denver and the airport there has a huge problem with rabbits eating wiring and leaving vehicles unable to start. Happened to me once - google rabbits at Denver airport...
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    6'3-6''6 CI Black Beauty OR 6'4 CB Russ Short bonzer3

    Black Beauty is a hard board to ride well. Only seen a few guys pull it off. It will end up being a wall hanger . With that said I would do a hard pass on both.
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    The island (Epstein’s island) was an absolute cess pool!

    Jeffrey Epstein worked for the CIA and that Island was run and controlled by the CIA/FBI.
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    Entire west coast about to get some action

    I had a very similar situation at Rincon - It is scary as fuck seeing that huge rock wall with nowhere else to go and you are just exhausted from paddling/duck diving - I finally made it in but seriously though I was a goner. I only got one wave there that day
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    Entire west coast about to get some action

    Thought about going there or Ventura this morning but that Sea Wall can be a real bitch coming in. I'm to old to for that sh!t - heard Malibu was really good too.
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    Entire west coast about to get some action

    Topanga was so fucking fun today - 2 sessions - super long rides.
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    Kauai April - Airline?

    Camping at pine trees is still only $3/day.
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    Entire east coast about to get some action.

    And Driving there isn't much easier - I road tripped up there from NYC years ago - I was in my VW Hightop Syncro and I got hit with a huge ferry cost - I did score waves and had a great time but knowing the cost of going back out over the ferry cut my trip short.
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    Colorado knows how to party!!!

    I lived in Colorado part-time since 1999 and just sold my house there last year - mainly winters - yeah the libtards - Boulder trustifarians took that place over - the change in my neighborhood and neighbors over that time was crazy and not for the good. Denver has just as many homeless drug...
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    Entire east coast about to get some action.

    Insane! Much respect to those charging it. Love when jersey gets dirty.
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    Hipster midlengthers despair: Your poster boy has jumped ship.

    Kinda of reminds me of this 6'1" I had GG make for me a number of years back - still my favorite summer board - easy entry and fast down the line - does not go off the top as well as other boards but the down the speed in so fun. If I could reproduce one of GG's boards (I'm 57 so not looking to...