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  1. Havoc

    Tomo MPH

    circa 2020?
  2. Havoc

    Tomo MPH

    sorry but i’m triggered by that leash wrapping around the fins…
  3. Havoc

    *** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***

    who was the semi pro? oside?
  4. Havoc

    *** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***

    contusion heals fast. i used to smack my shins with bottles when training muay thai. unless it's joint related, ur feel better in a few days
  5. Havoc

    2024 Land Cruiser

    i had a 1973 r u oj simpson or st?
  6. Havoc

    2024 Land Cruiser
  7. Havoc

    Long Fish vs Mid Length

    bump. 7'3 stamps long line tkf ordered for summer.
  8. Havoc


    i got global entry. easy except for scheduling interview which is a pita
  9. Havoc

    Home protection device

    everyone in ca should own an ar-15 for home defense
  10. Havoc

    The Froghouse racist

    parkiteric is like 2x size of casa haha
  11. Havoc

    Longest you have waited for a custom order?

    surf industry for ya
  12. Havoc

    Long fish - but shorter?

    what size?
  13. Havoc

    Can we talk about the border?

    venezuelan inmates too.
  14. Havoc

    Long fish - but shorter?

    longer long line stamps tkf. panda wont do shaped blank and $1k for boar with weak glassing is hard pass
  15. Havoc

    Skipper's Surf Review: Is it time to stop hating?

    ponto jetty. End of discussion.
  16. Havoc

    Long fish - but shorter?

    order placed...
  17. Havoc

    Long fish - but shorter?

    What’s optimal size long fish for carves and glide?
  18. Havoc

    2024 Land Cruiser

    needs a coexist sticker to make it complete
  19. Havoc

    2024 Land Cruiser