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  1. Retropete

    Pyzel Ghost?
  2. Retropete

    *** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***

    Word! It's always the small days. Well almost! Knocked a side fin out on a small, crappy onshore day that I went out for a fitness paddle. Sliced my foot open and fractured it...out of the water for weeks a while back. It happens fast.
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Casa is over here now. He could maybe be talked into bring it home to the US for someone? Never ridden Hess for about $495 USD. Sad pads nominee...what a travesty...
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    Tomo MPH

    A bit of Tomo/Vader footage for ya's.
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    *** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***

    Pic below is from day before but surfed just South of this spot today. Rolled up at 9am after getting stuff sorted. 2 guys walking back into the virtually empty carpark as I arrived. Grabbed my board and walked down to see not a soul out. No one to the Nth and 200 metres down the beach a sole...
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    CJ Nelson 7’ Outlier. Like a big mini Simmons for small wave junk busting. Has belly in front and the roll goes into the rails so they don’t catch in chop and foam climbs. Knee to waist high is zero problem for it to zoom around on. See Realwatersports review.
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    *** Official Sunset Beach Pro Contest Thread ***

    Jack: "Thanks for coming Kanoa." That double barrel wave of Jack's was crazy.
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    The ultimate Duffy fin give away….

    Message on the fins from the Duffman: "I love Duffy" Ha ha! :bowdown::cheers: All the way from Santa Barbara to the Sunshine coast. Stocked! I have several S wing sets but not these until I got lucky.
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    Random weird and/or interesting surf related videos.

    Narrated by @Havoc? NSFW: Language warning.
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    Album Surfboards

    Here's a distraction from ogling Makoman's black beauties.
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    Album Surfboards

    However, when interviewed the elephant quipped: "That headshot really smarts." o_O Must have been exhilarating picking up those boards.
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    Tomo MPH

    There's also the potential when ordering from OS for - A: Custom doesn't come out as expected what's your recourse? PITA. B: Freight company damage nightmares (ala G'Mac VS Goodfish).
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    Tomo MPH

    You ever tried it in an Evo? Can't recall if you have one or not. Since I got my Cymatic I've taken the Evo with me a couple of times but can't bring myself to ride it because I just want to ride the Cymatic. Need to ride the Evo again to see if I even think it is going to stay or be sold on.
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    ******Official Board Art Thread*****

    McNeill graphics are funky. I like this earthy one.
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    Filipe to retire?

    21:30 min mark.
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    Modernized 70s single fin

    Not even modern single fins.
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    Grubby Clark on surfboard design, end of Clark foam.

    It's totally enthralling. Everyone should have a listen.
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    Whats your favorite good wave fish?

    Lost weight so sold my 6'2" RTT with a lot of foam, which had a PU blank with flax top and bottom. Just secured this lightly used 5'11" in stringerless eps and carbon rails. All my previous G Mc's have been in this construction so should work for me. Will collect from the owner in a few weeks.