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    Medium vs. Large Fins

    I would ditch the quad and put a Greenough Power Blade in. Place it around middle of the box or slightly aft of middle where you know that you'll comfortably place your rear foot on top of it. The flex/twist loading/unloading of that fin is real if even a lightweight like me can feel it.
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    The ultimate Duffy fin give away….

    I'm your weight divided by 6 (multiplied by 10) which means your generous giveaways would be way too big for me but I want to play along: DHD thrusters futures.
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    Can we talk about Channel Islands?

    Anyone felt up or ridden the CI log? Looks like an approachable interpretation of a log without the need for moustache wax and cuffed skinny jeans.
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    Personal Locator Beacons

    something like this: using track only mode.
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    Pyzel Pyzalien

    Interesting fin experiences. I find my P2 has a good combo of built-in drive, hold, and pivot as-is so doesn't require a specific fin preference to compensate/accommodate board design features. So for me fin choice depends on which part of the combo I want to accentuate. I'm on the cusp of S...
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    Long Fish vs Mid Length

    Please get (and review) a Party Crasher next. :waving: asking for a friend...
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    modern longboard dims?

    Not disputing that there a lot of variants of the Greenough 4a out there (and for good reason), but checking out the logs lined up on the beach during the Duct Tape Invitational and local log contests the fin choice was all over the spectrum. Equal mix of 4a's, raked pivot, upright hatchets, etc...
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    modern longboard dims?

    to use a bicycle analogy: logs are easier to turn when they are 'on a glide' (my shitty term) i.e. they have reached a minimum speed and commensurate momentum. I don't know... maybe once they are on glide they lift sufficiently out the water to be turnable? Easiest way to visualize this...
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    Tomo MPH

    I have a local variant of c-drive quad trailers. Highly recommend. Extended bases gives you that instant drive/'get up and go' of a quad. The thinned out tip makes it easy to pivot/release when you apply sufficient back foot pressure, whereas a typically quad can get tracky or more drawn out on...
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    Can we talk about Channel Islands?

    The pairing a lot want to see again (Kelly on a CI... at J Bay):
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    Pyzel White Tiger

    I would go one size up for a legit shortboard/dd/step down/fish quiver killer. My recent P2 acquisition is precisely the 24.1L stock 5'6" but I'm 132lbs 45 y/o. Above average fitness. I have surfed it in knee high curvy wedges, onshore mushburgers, peaky a-frames and today pitchy overhead...
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    Current quoted wait times...

    2 weeks for a Pyzalien 2 with colour spray in ZA. I should probably cross post this on the Pyzalien and leash string threads. Leash string: 1. colour coordinated to pull the alien logo and the pad together 2. double looped 3. ends burnt Pad pulls leash string, black leash and silver fins...
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    Cape Town SA - erBB wisdom?

    Where are you staying? Do you have transport? It is summer time so some spots are exponentially busier than the rest of the year. Water is also colder and much more wind so pack a hood/chicken vest of your choosing. The exposed beachies can handle the predominant wind and you can basically...
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    wetsuit long tern storage/deterioration?

    I buy suits from the Billabong/Quik outlet in J Bay, and the suits are easily a year or 2 old at that stage. Then it is usually stored for a year in a closet on a proper hanger with no adverse effects when it comes into rotation. I use silicon spray on the outside and inside of suit prior to...
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    Album Surfboards

    I am a recent convert to H2's which have a lot going on ito characteristics i.e. more toe-in, inside foil, plan shape, entire fin is moved further back on the plugs, and most notably lots of cant. The biggest differentiator with the cant is that the fins have less lateral resistance if you try...
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    Florida hpsb inquiry

    Stock CI Black & White at 6'2" - 6'3". Same DNA as Sampler. Within your desired volume range, same width and thickness as Sampler.
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    How many sessions do you give a new board

    Kind of related; my experience is that the dud boards were ones that required a goldilocks fin setup to work sufficiently that it did not bog both rails at the same time. The keepers (from fish to hpsb to lb) are/were the ones that work(ed) irrespective of fin setup. Fins just emphasizing...
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    Recs to replace CI Black/White?

    Thanks I'll keep a look out for one. I can imagine the Two Happy being a good DD as they toned down the Happy. Local shop had an OG Happy in my dims which they offered to me at a heavily discounted price but it looked like a very refined good wave HPSB. I would also have had to acquire set(s) of...
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    Recs to replace CI Black/White?

    So I ordered same dims stock B+W. It was about a 3 month gap between riding oldie and newie during which I rode Rusty twin fin and LBs and no HPSB thrusters. From the first wave on the newie on a punchy overhead day it was like a pair of well-loved flip flops and it just clicked. Still a game...
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    South Africa / J Bay

    Totally worth it (but I'm biased). All good intel mentioned above. Some other points to bear in mind: The drive from Durban to Jeffreys Bay is pretty intense. From Port Shepstone to Kokstad, it's windy uphill mountain passes frequented by logging trucks. You will get stuck behind one at some...