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    Learning to Wing

    I would highly recommend you find a board to borrow first and go out in local conditions and see how you do. Most people have a rude awakening when they try to balance on a board that is not giant in rough windy water. Also I have yet to meet anyone who hasn't outgrown their first board, so in...
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    Ban foils in surf areas
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    Yes that's me. Often in SF I'm the only foiler out. On the smaller clean days I've seen up to a dozen foilers scattered around OB. There are tons of friendly foilers at crissy field on any windy afternoon, a lot of them are learning to surf foil and we are all looking for people to go with...
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    Aloha, foil surfing had a bit of boom a couple or so ago, then there was some backlash and a lot of guys disappeared. This past winter I have seen more surf foilers than ever. Wing foiling took off last summer and seems to growing leaps and bounds, both converts from kite and windsurf and...