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  1. J

    WTB 5’10-6’4 Campbell Bros egg or pod

    Looking to free up space on your racks… Located in LA.
  2. J

    Power Glide 45 fin on wide tailed non edge boards

    Hey, anyone have any ride reports with this fin they’d like to share?
  3. J

    Steve Brom fish 5’8 $525

    Updated photos to follow with wax removed.
  4. J

    Steve Brom fish 5’8 $525

    Will gladly remove wax for interested parties.
  5. J

    Steve Brom fish 5’8 $525

    Board is 10/10. 5’8x20.5x 2 13/16. The board is impeccable no dings or pressures.
  6. J

    Steve Brom classic fish price drop $600

    For sale: $$650 Like new, ridden three times, zero pressures condition is 10/10. The board is a beauty. Paddles like a dream and glides into waves with ease. Screams down the line with face melting speed. I have a few customs and a baby on the way so I need to make room. Dimensions are...
  7. J

    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    How did this board turn out? Looks like such a fun shape.
  8. J

    FS Steve Brom 5'8" Classic Fish $650

    Not too sure, I'd have to measure...
  9. J

    FS Steve Brom 5'8" Classic Fish $650

    For Sale basically new Brom fish. Surfed Three times 10/10 condition. No pressures or dings. Impulse purchase on a good deal then found out that I have a baby on the way... All that to say the board is fast and loose. Paddles with ease and gets into waves early. Hate to sell but have too many...
  10. J

    SOLD: Album Darkness

    Thanks Adam, cant wait to take it out.
  11. J

    SOLD: Album Darkness

    Hey, is the board still up for grabs? I may be able to get up Ventura tomorrow.
  12. J

    NVS Apex Keels and T. Knox Thrusters. Future Fins.

    Hey, are the apex keels still up for grabs?
  13. J

    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Hey, does anyone have any rider report/feedback on the Bento Box model?
  14. J

    WTB: Larry Mabile White Pony

    What are the other dimensions? What condition is it in? Any photos?
  15. J

    WTB: Larry Mabile White Pony

    Hey, anyone on here holding onto one of these guys?
  16. J

    5'6" Mabile Twinzer for sale

    Hey, I have a buddy that is super interested in the board but is not a user on the forums, how can he get in touch with you to come check it out?
  17. J

    WTB NPJ captain fin co. Futures

    Hey, does anyone have a set they’re looking to unload?
  18. J

    Bonzer fins for sale.

    driving up to El Capitan on Sunday is that near you?