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    Southern Chile Jan-March?

    With the exception of the stupid covid lockdown years, I've been going down there during the holidays to visit family every year for the past 15 years. Heading down again next month. Although my wife is from the 6th region, we prefer to drive three hours south to the zone that you mentioned. The...
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    Code Red Ka'anapali w/Clay Marzo (video)

    Go to 1:35 to see Clay going right. Clay's one of those freakishly talented tube riders and haven't seen much footage of him lately. He's go a very unique backhand style.
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    Cold water ear issues?

    I've been wearing Mack's silicon plugs for many years when surfing and swimming. It took me a few sessions to get used to them, but they keep water/cold air out of canal, thus preventing further exostosis growth. I've been at 80% right ear canal blockage for 15+ years and haven't had surgery. I...
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    greatest bodyboarding place to live in the world?

    As mentioned, Northern Chile has perfect setups for both bodyboarding and surfing. Unfortunately, Chile (80% cases in Santiago) has been hit hard by covid. As a result, surfing has been banned for months in major cities and even in national surf capital Pichilemu. The reason is that the...