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  1. keenfish

    Largest Lithium Reserves in the World, in California

    It's kind of an old erBB joke. I was only kidding. I kid. kidding... :toilet:
  2. keenfish

    ***Official What Are You Burning Thread***

    Scrub brush when available.
  3. keenfish

    ...Lost cat

    RIP Ramone. I miss you buddy. :cry:
  4. keenfish

    5 Guys

    Bros, you are getting way out of control on this one. The best burger is the one you make at home with custom ground beef from The Butchery. Make it your way at home with the right bun and all the fixin's you like.
  5. keenfish

    Largest Lithium Reserves in the World, in California

    I will never own an ev car. In fact I think my next car purchase will be a diesel Hummer. Fvck these morans! :jamon:
  6. keenfish

    Username Change?

    I used to be LMAO_U_Dum_Dums among others. :sneaky:
  7. keenfish

    5 Guys

    I like Burger Lounge. Glad I have one close by. But if I want to go dirty I go to TK burger down by the pier. That is a glorious gut bomb.
  8. keenfish

    Ho Brah, We Rescue and You Pay Dat Fee (Kauai)

    You can't get blood out of a turnip.
  9. keenfish

    So what's the deal with CraigsList?

    I just sold my Honda scooter on CL. First time in many years that I've used it. Sold in one day to the 1st person who responded. Drove down and paid cash next day. Guess I got lucky.
  10. keenfish

    Is It El Nino, yet

    I hope we get a pineapple express this year! :jamon:
  11. keenfish

    Graphene wetsuits?

    Bros, the best fitting and warmest wetsuit ever was the O'neill Animal Skin. There's nothing new under the sun. Most of you are probably too young to know this truth? :toilet:
  12. keenfish

    Official Bird & Nature Post

  13. keenfish

    Graphene wetsuits?
  14. keenfish

    Alaska buys Hawaiian

    Delta has upped their game. It used to be Delta = Doesn't ever leave the airport. They are the best now and I love flying Delta. Good First Class service.
  15. keenfish

    RIP Makani Alexander

    Hunter safety rule #1 Do not ever let the business end of the barrel whether handgun or long gun cross the plane of a human or anything else that isn't a target being paper or hunted animal. Never lose track of the barrel of the gun or where it is pointed and never ever let it cross over to...
  16. keenfish

    Anyone into Single Malt Scotch Whisky?

    Bros, the Old Fashion is for old ladies. The proper Manhattan is where it's at with the right vermouth. I already posted the right cherries. No sugar added and the right bitters is the one that brukens got but i like the orange. Not sure if that's what he got.
  17. keenfish

    Anyone into Single Malt Scotch Whisky?

    These are the only way to go when it comes to Maraschino Cherries. Totally different than the ones they put on top of an ice cream sundae.
  18. keenfish

    What to do with a stack of old Playboys?

    I did not bro! I just didn't know how to spell it. I tried to google it 3 times and I got it wrong every time. Oui was my second choice after Hustler but I couldn't get it right so I went with Swank instead. LOL!
  19. keenfish

    What to do with a stack of old boards?

    I just threw a bunch out in the dumpster at work when I moved because no one wanted them and they were not bad boards but I had no room for them anymore and wasn't going to use them so... landfill now.
  20. keenfish

    What to do with a stack of old Playboys?

    That was Hustler or Swank that we used to find in the woods.