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    Stab EAST 2023 - Shaun Manners

    Heard the same thing from another participating shaper. They were asked to make a specific quad. Then the rider changed at the last minute too.
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    Learn to foil.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Why has no one YOLO'd' a florence suit is my question. Custom fit, english website. They were 30% off recently too.
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    Dash Cam (w/classic jubblies) I have the Viofo A129 duo. You don't really need the rear cam. I don't have a lot of use for it. Plug and play for years now...
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    How much would you spend to surf a wave pool?

    I'm in Los Angeles, so thinking about Palm Springs pools. Similar to Waco style it appears. I'd think nothing of paying $20 for an hour and most likely try to book two sessions for 1 day. I would pay $50 for an hour the first time for the novelty. $75 an hour would probably be to much.
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    Foil Discussion at The Boardroom
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    Boardroom 23’

    Someone livestream the foil presentation at 11 AM for me and then put it up somewhere :) I want to see Kyle and Ryan go back and forth on which is better. Unifoil or Takuma. :)
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    Foil Discussion at The Boardroom

    But demo gear is fun! I never ride my own stuff when I ride down by the foil shop haha. Gotta try everything out there.
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    Foil Discussion at The Boardroom

    I didn't wake up to make the drive. But I bet you can grab demo gear from the booths and go for a session. Ask Patrick at the Unifoil booth. @foilwithme if you need his instagram to see what he looks like. He always has demo gear.
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    Barron Mamiya to Channel Islands Surfboards

    Did he take one of the warehouse jobs?
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    Foil Discussion at The Boardroom

    Foiling is the new shortboard Revolution.
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    Foil Discussion at The Boardroom

    Kyle Knox rips on a foil. Ryan Arzy is the nicest guy and a Namotu boatman half the time. It should be a good talk. Unifoil, Takuma, Armstrong booths too I believe. Dark Arts should have some foil boards there too. I can bring down some Omen demo's if anyone wants to check those out too.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Crooked vs colby+ who is winning the cheap yamamoto #40 wetsuit battle?
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    Fake Grass Install for Home

    Appraiser: I don't give any value to it. Most new construction is sold as a dirt lot anyway. So buyer's are going to do what they want to do to the yard. I believe a Real Estate agent would use it as a selling point and the house will show better, like a staged house so it would probably be a...
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    Surf dad support thread

    Real response: Learn to foil. You don't need good waves. I have no FOMO of missing swell anymore. I even get annoyed when there is swell and people are out and in the way. Learning something new is very rewarding. It'll make whatever window you have fun. I took kite lessons when my first was a...
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    Surf dad support thread

    Once they get to be 2 and you can get them a wetsuit, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. So not 5 years. But take advantage of whatever stage you're in, because this too shall pass.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    The new stuff is the Yamamoto rubber suits right?
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    Malizoo TODAY

    Getting a parking spot is bad enough.
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    Amazing Kai Lenny

    Yeah, what's up with that wing too? Is it like a ram air kite?
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    DIY kit?

    Congratulations on not having to walk anymore. Now it'll start getting more fun. Once that fear of not being able to get back to your car goes away the whole ocean is open to you.