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  1. feralseppo

    Your current two board quiver

    2 boar not quite head high for me. 6'2" GG Hovercraft Twinzer/inline 3 and 6'6" OG Lost Driver.
  2. feralseppo

    WTB: Speeddialer with Lokbox (6'0" - 6'4")

    6'2" $100. Get on it.’2-pavel-speed-dialer-100.15061/ Whoops. Not FL.
  3. feralseppo

    US made fins

    On top of most of TA's fins being made in China, they ripped off the Tomo family and their powerdrive fin concept. Ask Defroster. He knows.
  4. feralseppo

    CI Mid Twin

    That's not a twinzer and that fin setup doesn't perform like a twinzer. The front fins are smaller (too small to really have any affect in my opinion) and placed further apart. Twinzer mo better.
  5. feralseppo

    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    I had a 9’2” edge Special K for a little while. Bought it used from a guy that weighed about 50 lbs less than me. Supposed to be a winter version Vaquero. Worked well in curvy beach break not as good in small gutless waves, but I tried a winged tip keel in small surf and it helped. I’m think...
  6. feralseppo

    WTB Greg Griffin Twins

    almost looks like you could use twins in the rear of his quad looking at those pictures.
  7. feralseppo

    Greg Griffin RIP

    Didn't he shape one for Retodd? I think I saw it on the racks at at some point. I think this is a thread discussing it -
  8. feralseppo

    Most shitious board brand?

    Looks like this shitious post disappeared?
  9. feralseppo

    Bonzer daily driver

    BumbleBee for South Bay beachies.
  10. feralseppo

    Most shitious board brand?

    And this is the response. You’ve got to be kidding. I sold you a turd. I should not have sold that turd, but bro you’re stuck with it, however, I’ll throw you a bone and pay for the repair. Wont be drinking that kool-aid anytime soon.
  11. feralseppo

    The Craigslist Thread

    Someone needs to jump on this deal before it's gone. It only has "normal wear."
  12. feralseppo

    ---Sold. Greg Griffin G-10 mod fish/ cheater quad set

    interested. Check your messages.
  13. feralseppo

    *** Official South Bay Thread ***

    And every once in awhile Abalone Cove will do its thing. Every once in awhile.
  14. feralseppo

    The Craigslist Thread Beat to hell used boards go for about a grand now?:shrug:
  15. feralseppo

    Shingles Vaccine.. Yay or Nay?

    Had my second shot yesterday. First one no problems. This one is ruining me. Feel like hell plus freezing.
  16. feralseppo

    The Craigslist Thread

    This era of the pandemic surfer and board inflation needs to pass.
  17. feralseppo

    *** Official Griffin Surfboards Thread ***

    I think I read or saw somewhere that McTavish said when they started putting the hard edge in the tail it was to keep the board sliding out? Might have been a discussion in that Mick Fanning single fin video where he made a board for him that he rides a Lennox. GG's boards kind of feel like...
  18. feralseppo

    The best pizza?

    Had Elegante in Rockaway a few days ago. Not bad. Chicken and bacon seems to be a thing around here.
  19. feralseppo

    The Craigslist Thread

    I lost one of those. Contacted True Ames about a replacement. I was told unfortunately, we can’t sell you a new fin. One would think that a supposed fin maker could make a fin. WTF.
  20. feralseppo

    2 bonzers for sale

    How many times can you surf a new board before you cannot call it brand new anymore? Is it like a testing it out time period?