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  1. Mr Doof

    Lets Fly To Dubai To Save The Planet

    Lets Fly To Dubai.... ...doesn't have the same ring as:
  2. Mr Doof

    Anyone into Single Malt Scotch Whisky?

    Boring cocktail tips: 1 Simple syrup - aka "sugar water" is 1 part sugar to 1 part water and boiled for a few minutes. Try not to be lazy and buy it. Keeps forever in the fridge, well, not forever, but you get the idea. 2 Unless it is baking hot, a single big cube more often better than...
  3. Mr Doof

    Can we talk about extra virgin olive oil?

    Thought I read something somewhere about California EVOO being best shot at authenticity. Am sure Google knows better than my memory though..
  4. Mr Doof

    Mental Health thread

    Humor for the people with kids...
  5. Mr Doof

    What to do with a stack of old Playboys?

    As a kid without much moolah, I would go through the trashcan at the coin-op car wash. For the youngins, you know, put in 25 cents, the spray gun or foam brush starts and runs for 5 minutes and you race to clean the car. Next to the car wash station was the vacuum cleaners and trash cans...
  6. Mr Doof

    Old Skullcap.....Remembered.....NSR

    I enjoy a story. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Mr Doof

    Henry Kissinger- Done

    ^ - Sandra was evil?
  8. Mr Doof

    Biden Inflation Explosion

    Woo, gas is under $5 a gal. Thanks Obama!
  9. Mr Doof

    Can we talk about Santos?

    Line was reference from a updated that post with said song. Oh, and the gin part. Knew some diesel engine mechanics. They drank gin. "Why gin," I ask? "Diesel gets into you and when you drink, all you can taste is diesel. Unless you drink gin. That taste gets through."...
  10. Mr Doof

    Water Fasting

    I preferred the part about not getting All-timers. Anyway, fasting.....back in the day it was drinking water and just not eating. You know, like going from Mt Jefferson to Mt Hood and going, "You didn't bring the food? Dude, that was your job. I was bringing the tent!" Yeah...reminded me...
  11. Mr Doof

    California hpmeowner's insurance

    Pro tip #1: Get rich. Pro tip #2: Self insure. Am still working on #1 myself. General question: If I pay off the loan, do I require insurance?
  12. Mr Doof

    Can we talk about Santos?

    In his honor, I tried to drink a pint of whiskey. ;)
  13. Mr Doof

    MAGA Doms and Libtard Subs?

    The only kind worth the eye-strain(?):
  14. Mr Doof

    Got Wood?

    I ordered in April....I better get mine before you. :p
  15. Mr Doof

    MAGA Doms and Libtard Subs?

    Oh wait, wrong dating app........
  16. Mr Doof

    ***Official Car Talk Thread***

    Changed the oil in the Golf this weekend past. 5W30 Mobil 1. Next weekend, get to take the used stuff the hazardous drop off site. Am a fan of the oil sucker...maybe took 10 minutes to change.
  17. Mr Doof

    Nikki Haley's comet suddenly implodes.

    How much are those lots going for? Did I make this lame reference first? Actually whenever I hear this song, am reminded of Kim, the gal who didn't stray that far from Church of LDS, well, except with Duane. Grandmother by mid 40s....thanks Prince! By the way, she and Duane still happy...
  18. Mr Doof

    Can we talk about extra virgin olive oil?

    While not disagreeing with your choice of oil, can recommend sesame oil now and again for pan seared fish....maybe go half avocado oil half sesame (due to cost of sesame oil)? Based on what I've read, will agree. One article of many here (click me).
  19. Mr Doof

    The Official OBSF Support Group

    Some fun 4 ft at 13 second this AM with a setting full Beaver Moon, if a little soft due to incoming tide and the moved around sand. Got to work late, oh well, get to burn some leave for it so I don't have to stay late. And the long lunch yesterday confirmed that the tertiary stage syphilis is...