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  1. Tanner

    What surfing has become.

  2. Tanner

    Long Fish vs Mid Length

    I have been having an absolute blast on this 7'4 'Quad Royale' from Doc Lausch, since ordering it and picking it up in July. Have had it out in everything from waist high beach break slop to a few feet overhead at the local reef and it just flies in all conditions. Super stoked on it...
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  5. Tanner

    Futures Fin Box Design Stolen From Bill Stewart?

    I think George started carrying them at Supplies, right around this time. Stewart/George built up a local crew on the boards with John/Tom Forkin, Bruce Beach, Jimmy Bowdler, Rick Ford and some other rippers I'm probably forgetting all riding them (Super Groms Brian Bourgeois and Billy...
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    Tourettes syndrome

    Years ago, when Howard Stern was still on terrestrial radio, the station had some type of a trip/vacation giveaway and they found out that the guy who won was a school principal (Mr. Benfer). Howard called the school, acting like a parent who had just moved into the district and was asking if...
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    Happy birthday john4surf!

    Happy B-Day! :cheers:
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    cool mark richards interview

    Years ago, at the ASR trade show here in SD, MR was in town because he had just started to distribute his boards thru Lost, in the US. I got there super early, before the show opened, to make sure our company's booth was all dialed in, etc., before they officially opened the doors. There was...
  9. Tanner

    5' 8" GREG GRIFFIN Swallowtail

    Board was a little too bladed out for Tanner Jr, but Sickdog had another one to his liking. Wanted to help the cause and post some pics of the board for Sickdog, to help him sell this little gem :shaka:
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  13. Tanner

    Greg Griffin RIP

    This weekend, I may or may not have asked my friend to 'borrow' my old 6'1 mini longboard from GG that I sold to him after he rode it a few times and begged me to sell it to him............which I have always regretted doing :foreheadslap:
  14. Tanner

    5' 8" GREG GRIFFIN Swallowtail

    Sent you a PM - def want to see it, as I may want it for my son
  15. Tanner

    Greg Griffin RIP

    My twin, with a big nod to Pottz, that INDTUBE now has..........again, worked great, but I shoulda went just a tad bigger.
  16. Tanner

    Greg Griffin RIP

    Old Mod Fish that I got from him back in '08/'09 maybe? Thing worked insane, but shoulda got more foam!
  17. Tanner

    Greg Griffin RIP

    A pair that GG did for me about 4 years ago, that I still have and love. Both quads.
  18. Tanner

    Greg Griffin RIP

    This one was part of the last batch GG shaped. His last text to me was that it was done and he was going to pick it up from the glass shop in a few days. Unfortunately, he never made it. :cry:
  19. Tanner

    Greg Griffin RIP

    I will see what I can get going here, as we approach the 1 year anniversary.
  20. Tanner

    Greg Griffin RIP

    Haha me too!