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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    So the Twinsman brings us back to where we started with the MTF A "alt" board that needs HPSB waves to work Awesome
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    Insanity > Ghost? Or not a fair comparison? Seem like analogue designs... wp fwd, volume fwd, needs chest+ to come alive, etc.
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    Salina Cruz / Huatulco Zone Guide contact

    Anyone have a good experience with a guide (ideally Huatulco or Barra based) in this zone they would like to recommend? Have done the SC camps but would like to stay in Huatulco and drive the coast this time. Feel free to PM if you prefer. Thanks
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    does the varial carbon build handle wind/chop any better? the marketing makes it sounds like it does but wondering on the consensus here