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    Have you ever called someone a “Wanker?”

    ? The comedy show Mork & Mindy featured a character named Mr. Wanker who was Mindy's landlord.[18] This was broadcast on American TV and later British TV. On the American television show Married... with Children, Peggy Bundy's maiden name is Wanker and her family is from the fictional Wanker...
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    How long do you spend choosing an outfit to go surf?

    Fark N A… Casa hit a worm hole and was absconded by AI transients that figured out that the 13 -33 year old surfer demographic has these energy synapses fire seconds after thinking if they should hit he Surfline bookmark button But right before they think if anyone will know they just choked...
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    It's been 20 years since my first October trip to Orange County

    You got Tapped Into The Source…In that moment…that can never be repeated….or should you ask
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    For those of you who come back from Baja and think…

    1969 for you…
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    Asyms…Pyzel, John and Koa do Not think they are Living.

    Maybe they are not really living… Pyzel..just said that chump has a board shaped by a little girl in Thailand. shapers who let sh!t fly….rad butttttttt Ohhhhh Myyyyyyy…I was jonesing’ and waiting for Koa’s girlf to make an appearance… then she shows up in a white bathing suit…That is...
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    Who came up with the upside down board coat hanger for shops? And other surf shop display innovations.

    Gotta say… Brilliant… Of course probably not a real money maker… What/Who are the other Unsung Heroes in surf display? I still remember when my friend got props for his window display in a Surf Shop from the line he rep’d. Learning Trade… Let’s hear some…
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    Let’s Have A War

    This article fascinated me.
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    Fake Grass Install for Home

    I wonder if people with wives that have fake t!ts are more inclined to support fake turf?
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    The Skaters of the ERBB

    I still admit I sucked at skating but still dig my heros and still inspired.
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    Mental Health thread

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    Mental Health thread

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    I need a side boob

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    Neal's Images of the Day

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    Neal's Images of the Day

    She’s married…that rock is bigger than the one you live on
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    2023 erBB Fantasy Football

    :)…love ya man
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    Neal's Images of the Day