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    Too soon?

    i left my hypto-krypto in a sock outside this summer....the sun "paled" it good...even through the sock... :cursing:
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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    cm maybe. storm hanging around, maybe whack us good...longgg gggiland might shape up....also OBX...:jamon:
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    Who blew up Nord Stream?

    one way to mitigate the reaction to this was to do it one day before a large hurricane hits America. thats one out of the Russians playbook. :trout:
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    Strange Lights In The Sky???

    this was de-bunked by none-other than Carl Sagan who concluded their eggs were scrambled. Carl was also a fan of the 'Amazing Randi' who, whilst deep in the closet, posessed a shockingly lucid mind. He was also my childhood friends' - R.Rodrieguez - next door neighbor. Halloween was a big...
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    Who blew up Nord Stream?

    Rooskies did it. :censored:
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    Why is Philadelphia such a violent place?

    WAWA + VIOLENT CITY = :shrug:
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    2022 Tropical Systems

    i saw a forecast where it bombs off New Jersey?? :drowning:
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    catfight between DeSantis and Abbott over the formers' hijacking of Abbots immigrant shenanigans... :cool:
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    Drew Brophy - in ICU w/ COVID fighting for his life

    as a soda vendor - i remember hiding from bikers in a rolled up chain link fence at a Raceway Park Englishtown concert....after i gave away/they stole all my sodas.:(
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    Why is Philadelphia such a violent place?

    one of the perps - a 9yo female - was shot to death in retaliation i guess. the news quickly dropped that part of the story...:eek:
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    The hijab.....done?

    a Persian aquaintance once mentioned, while we were playing backgammon, that in her country (which we were not) she could get jailed for this cause i was American..:cursing:
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    Gasoline Gasoline!

    recession-fearers are merely sidelined real estate buyers. my RE agent buddy says NOW is the time to buy. i think its ALWAYS the time to buy...:poke:
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    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    my Lost mini-driver...after many moons still good...but construction-wise the end is nigh...:(
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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    yes some went there but 10,000 were at the usual spots which took FOREVER to finally click but yes they did...:beer:
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    if you're still set on Chicama, swell-direction-wise look for one with a westerly component as the (common) southerly seems to pass it by... if you find that, check out " La Tercera Section"......:applause2:
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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    been surfing ACNJ for decades and the crowd ystdy....was..... :bricks:
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    Is the East Coast about to score?

    the 1st surfing beach turned on late pm on OCNJ but ACNJ better and 10x the crowd and only NC av. working... theres still some swell out there but tide conspiring against so maybe wait a few hours?:shrug:
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    under low swell conditions Chicama will disappoint ....unless you're a longboarder... but Pacasmayo (not to be confused w/Pasamayo which quite fun too) always thats always breaks....:cool: one time AAirlines crashed a plane near Pasamayo (Ancon) and all died and most were robbed by...
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    What’s so bad about the Conservative Agenda?

    conservative Trump likes Elton John... that makes me a lib. :sick: