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    Creators Gathering 2023

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    Crazy Drivers Post Pandemic

    Living in San Diego, without fail, I will be stopped at a red light, and the driver behind me has to get right up on my bumper as we wait for the light to change- effectively putting me at risk if they get rear-ended. If this is you -knock it off. Kids getting their licenses today appear to not...
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    Slater Snakes Brazilian Surfer Who Savagely Punched Woman in Viral Bali Surf Brawl

    Didn't see this on the home page
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    M Experiment?

    Read the John John interview and came across his sunglass sponsor. Never heard of the company, but I'm looking for new glasses. I have been going with Otis glasses - and really dg them, but looking for something with a lower price point. Anyone try M-Experiment? :cool:
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Contest Thread ***

    I'm middle-aged and barely follow the tour - but for god's sake, this has to the last year of this crap - finish the tour in waves of consequence. Sorry Filipe.
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    Smash Mouth Singer, End of Life Care

    Was never a fan, and if I never hear that all-star song again - that would be totally bitchin. What's the backstory to his last show being drunk and doing the Nazi salute?
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    modern longboard dims?

    Nice post Homie. I've never come across a longboard that bladed out. I was thinking about finding a triple stringer log blank and going thin with it. I'm not a fan of modern longboarding where the person tries to ride a log like a shortboard - but I still want a lighter, more responsive board...
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    *** The Official 2023 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    Shelter from the storm
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    *** The Official 2023 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    I was born in a crossfire hurricane
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    Fires in Maui

    Thoughts and prayers to the people of Maui.
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    modern longboard dims?

    Sushi, you might be on to something :shrug:
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    modern longboard dims?

    I have a couple of "relatively" new logs that are fun for the small days - but they are thick and heavy. I see some of these logging videos and granted, I realize guys like Tyler Warren, Al Knost, and others are very good surfers - but they are able to fling their longboards around pretty...