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    Resign you old bag of bones!!!!!

    Biden's 80, Trump's 77 :foreheadslap:
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    Tucker Carlson - NOT DONE

    You couldn't make this sh!t up
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    Resign you old bag of bones!!!!!

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    Fake Grass Install for Home

    I did a portion of my backyard that doesn't quite get enough sun for grass to grow well. Did all the civil work myself and contacted an installer for placement with infill. To small a job for him so I paid his installer cash, super stoked. Its been in 4-5 years now and needs (at the very least)...
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    Surf dad support thread

    Dawn patrol is your friend
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Come up to NOC this weekend and get some ;)
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    ***Official Joe Biden Impeachment Thread***

    I think he's getting a kick out of trolling the BB
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    Biden and Trump both get struck by lightning. Who do you want to run in 2024? 2 names only, no reasoning.

    Sanunu might be able to get the Republican Party back on track. Beshear sound electable if he could get some name recognition
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    Taking Hurricane Lee On The Chin (Maine)

    I hope not, heading Massachusetts next week
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    Becoming an older surfer Cardio is your friend
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    Happy birthday Autoprax!

    The man, the myth, the legend. HBD Auto :cheers:
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    No BoBo Post Yet?

    Such a POS
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Got the 2 mil boots. Seem well made, fit great( more comfortable than my Solite)
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    $217 for the 6/4/3 One of the Northern folks should pick one up, just for research purposes
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    Salad Douce

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    Salad Douce

    Not a fan of the wing(why would anyone want that weird re!ease, on a twin in particular) fins still look forward to me, I'd guess @7 1/2-8" I used some similar elements in the last boards I made: wide point 1" back of center ( game changer for me) single to vee with double concave set in the vee...
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    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Scored a nice parking spot mid jetties in Newps. Had a look at the regular first but the short period was a bit messy early(looked like it clean up a bit after I moved on) The jetty I was at had some pretty good lefts off the tip but was quite crowded for the lully (for the bigger ones)...
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    Happy birthday sizzld1!

    HBD! :cheers:
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    without a doubt #Cathedral
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    Shithole country hell-bent on genocide

    A numbers game for any country US military: according to Google- How many support troops for every combat troop? 10 support soldiers (including combat arms MOSs like field artillery and combat engineers) to every 1 infantryman. (Technically 15% of force.) Israel the only country with regular...