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    Jimmy Buffett dead at 76

    Rest in Peace Legend..
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    South Florida Ocean Water Temp Hits 101 degrees

    Orcas in the Keys..
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    Residential solar panels - do they make financial sense?

    15 panels would be roughly a 6kw system. Did they say it would 100% offset your UB? 15 panels on a Long Island roof would best case produce(1.45 x 1panel) 21.75 kWh per day x 30 days = 652.5 kWh per month x 12 months = 7830 kWh per year. Based off of your current UB, do these numbers at add up...
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    Residential solar panels - do they make financial sense?

    How many panels? And what’s your average kWh per month?
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    Residential solar panels - do they make financial sense?

    Your goals/reasoning for going Solar, sun hours your home gets, annual kWh usage, roof age, roof orientation, future plans for your home, what company/size of the company you plan on working with, all play a factor. Depending on where you are in NY, I could possibly put you in touch with...
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    Electric skateboards?

    Salsas got your back bro.... Man this guy really has a pulse on his community Just think all the drinks that could be effortlessly grabbed from your local 7/11
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    Brukuns vs Slater

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    Album Surfboards

    Has anyone ridden the whaleshartdisorder? Keen for a ride report
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    Surfskate n Show

    Grab your favorite drink or GTFO! :bricks:
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    Surfskate n Show

    If what Casa said is true about him being in the business, then I'm sure he has plenty of homie hook ups. Not to mention golf course jobs usually come with playing privileges and if his kid is a player, good clubs support that sort of thing. Justin Thomas is a good example of that. Shoot, my...
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    Surfskate n Show

    Of course the pga tour is a pipe dream, and they will need buckets of money to make it happen. There are few different types of people on the pro golf circuit. There are people who have a lot of talent early in life and they get paid by corporations to play pro golf. Another type is people who...
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    Possible move to Florida from CA

    In the land of closeouts at least we have this to look forward too...
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    Pyzel White Tiger

    If I had to guess that post jjf is riding the red tiger which seems to be the hpsb of the tigers. Did the white tiger that was lost in the south pacific ever turn up Pyzel?
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    Wheat is Murder

    I worked at Ruby Tuesdays about 15 years ago and we had a dish washer named Jelly. One of the funniest dudes I've ever met. I would occasionally give him rides home in exchange for some buds and everytime he would stuff his backpack with steaks and beer from the restaurant. Didn't really care...
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    Lol they're balloons bro
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    The only reason why the public even knows about the balloons is because the military told the media and the media turned it into propaganda. Why did they want this to be a story?
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    And whats going on in Ohio
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    Most dangerous erbber with a gun

    Do gang bangers, regardless of race, count as mass shooters/ murders? Or do we charge it to the game when people get aired out on the corner?
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    Most dangerous erbber with a gun

    Al Solando