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  1. smithgrind

    Album Surfboards

    Been running the large album Geminis and AMTs in mine. Geminis in bigger open faces for the drive and release. AMTs in smaller steep beach break for pívot and hold. I have the NVS Nautilus as well but I haven’t tried them in the Plasmic yet.
  2. smithgrind

    Surf Shops

    Dropped by there just to browse and take a break from driving as I was on a roadie down to the OC from Oregon. Everyone was so cool, helpful and friendly. Walked out with a beautiful CB bonzer egg. They hooked me up a free prolite bag, leash, wax and good vibes. Went to C Street and paddled it...
  3. smithgrind

    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    Could be a tad sticky with channels? who knows :shrug:
  4. smithgrind

    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    New Stretch design? It's been a minute...
  5. smithgrind

    *** The Official 2023 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    Seriously regret not seeing these cats live in those heady days before it all went to shite. What a show!
  6. smithgrind

    Different strains....

    I think a gram to two grams is pretty solid, depending what one considers a "good buzz". Costa Rican is a strain of the Psilocybe Cubensis species of magic mushrooms. There is so much info on how to grow mushrooms. Spend some time watching tutorials and don't get overwhelmed by the process...
  7. smithgrind

    Different strains....

    Costa Rican. Been running a parallel grow with the Mazatapec and the two have been so different.
  8. smithgrind

    Different strains....

  9. smithgrind

    Keel vs Quad

    Makes sense @oeste858 and I would agree that a bigger twin template helps with the Plasmic tail block. I have noticed that people on the erBB either really like the AMTs or are kinda, meh, they lack drive. Guess I just need to commit and put some time in with them and gauge the feedback. Geminis...
  10. smithgrind

    Keel vs Quad

    Interesting. What does more cant provide in a Plasmic that other fins don’t? I’ve only run the large Geminis in my Plasmic and I like them so far. I did pick up the AMTs to play around with but only used them in a Superbuzz.
  11. smithgrind

    *** Official Shark Thread ***

    Land shark.
  12. smithgrind

    Traction Pad on Twin Fin

    Pad with that board.
  13. smithgrind

    Long fish - but shorter?

    Rode a friend’s old 6’ Mandala double bump quad fish in OH softer, slower lined up beach break. Pretty fun and a good call for those type of conditions. it still held it’s own as the tide dropped and waves started shaping up. I think the reduced tail area with quads is the way to go if you’re...
  14. smithgrind

    HB turning into Mexico

    These should be the comp dogs for the eating contest on the 4th of July. Chestnut gut bombs :dancing:
  15. smithgrind

    The Skaters of the ERBB

    I skated with Fred Smith III around the DC area in the late 80's and early 90's. He and some of the loud ones first came down from parts of New England for a backyard ramp contest at Wiggy's house in Potomac, MD. They would continue to make many treks down to skate Cedar Crest and other various...
  16. smithgrind

    The Skaters of the ERBB

    :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao: Nah...Ace or Indy
  17. smithgrind

    Smaller Bead EPS?

    What's the glassing schedule for toe side vs. heel side? :bowdown:
  18. smithgrind

    Surfskate n Show

    Then at 8:31 he drops a simple "Cal"? :foreheadslap: Maybe cause he"s talking golf at this point :shrug: