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  1. surfadelphia

    The best pizza?

    Leftovers from last night's pizza outing.
  2. surfadelphia

    Twinzer Feedback?

    Shiiiit, 90% of my socks are white costcos
  3. surfadelphia

    Twinzer Feedback?

    Costco socks and sandals
  4. surfadelphia

    ***Official Car Talk Thread***

    My lesbaru is hitting the point where pretty much every wear and tear part needs replacing. Just did spark plugs, muffler, up next is failing A/C. It's a pain in the ass and I might just swap on over to a new prius or corolla cross hybrid
  5. surfadelphia

    El Salvador k-59

    Posted up for a week right between k59 and k61 a few years back. The heaviest part of the wave is scrambling up the cobbles when you're done surfing.
  6. surfadelphia

    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    rub it in, why dont ya.
  7. surfadelphia

    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Got back home late last night from a week in the Popoyo area. Was pretty maxed out Tuesday and Wednesday but totally doable on all but the few biggest sets, otherwise waves were really fun in the chest to nicely overhead range. Rode a 6'0" swallow tail Xanadu Viper the whole time. Nice to get...
  8. surfadelphia

    The Northeast - erBB tips n tricks.

    New Haven, CT
  9. surfadelphia

    Do you enjoy swimming in freshwater?

    Yeah, skip the town of "lake george village," further up the lake is quieter and prettier. the whole area surrounding the high peaks of ADK has some really amazing lakes with some wild lake/boat house setups
  10. surfadelphia

    The Craigslist Thread

    I've been lusting over this Hank Warner longish fish on my local craigslist...too much to pay for a used board though.
  11. surfadelphia

    Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

    "Metros" or "Metropolitan Ave?"
  12. surfadelphia

    Online ad revenue

    Any interest in replacing them with a slightly less inept coordinator?
  13. surfadelphia

    Backyard Build

    from this past sunday?
  14. surfadelphia

    The best pizza?

    This looks like exactly what I want out of a reheated slice + some greasy pepperoni. Reheated, crisp bottom, tri state slice is one of pizza's peak forms.
  15. surfadelphia

    The Northeast - erBB tips n tricks.

    Montreal is a cool enough city with excellent food and a big ass park in the middle of it. "Old Montreal" isn't going to give you anything that Quebec City cannot at a more charming level. Driving north east from Quebec get's you into the Charlevoix region where the St Larence begins to widen...
  16. surfadelphia


    I used to see a guy up in Monmouth county here and there ripping on what I think was a pendo rubber ducky, it was a fish with the rubber all the way up to the nose. Looked like it worked very well
  17. surfadelphia

    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    Wish I saw some of this bottoming out, still trying to buy and my zone has been up 20% on the year. People still bidding 15-20% over, all cash. The frustrating thing is all the other buyers in our demo are showing up to showings and opens with their boomer ass parents who are presumably throwing...
  18. surfadelphia

    The Craigslist Thread

    Boards in NJ are not moving on craigslist like they used to
  19. surfadelphia

    puerto vallarta trip with the wife

    took my wife to a few years back and had a great time. Most of the rooms are open air, so it can be a bit "rustic," my wife is not into that sort of thing and was very nervous heading into it but had a great time. It's a drive and quick boat ride to get there but worth it...
  20. surfadelphia

    Azores Question

    direct without a stopover in mainland portugal?