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  1. aldo

    The Biggest Single Tab Keel Fins

    The Al Merrick keels are the biggest I have seen. Good fins for a fish.
  2. aldo

    Board porn

    Might be a little warm under foot?
  3. aldo

    Morning of the Earth

    You will find that after having the board for a while the beard and top knot will go. The surfing of the board will improve dramatically after this. If not then flip it.
  4. aldo

    Morning of the Earth

    Have had my Fiji in everything from clean waist high runners through unruly OH side shore beachies to firing well OH reef break freight trains. It does it all. It prefers a little juice so definitely not a groveller but the massive probably would be.
  5. aldo

    Morning of the Earth

    He shapes every board himself, hence the long wait. He is a busy man. The boards are beautiful, surf well and are quality all around. Worth the wait IMHO. If you cant wait get one of the many knock offs.
  6. aldo

    Surf before work protocol

    For the last 10 years my protocol has been…. If there are waves surf and don’t work
  7. aldo

    Anyone ridden a MOTE Fiji?

    Its well worth the wait
  8. aldo

    Sizing a Christenson fish

    Not great for travel but they make a massive difference in the performance of this shape…..the CC fish
  9. aldo

    Sizing a Christenson fish

    Get glassed on swept back keels if you can. I have one with those and had one with futures that never worked and was quickly sold. Glass ons are the go!
  10. aldo

    A little longer fish?

    After trading my first long phish a few years back I decided to give it another roll after talking with the people at CC in the USA. I had a Bali trip planned and had a board made there. 6’8 x 21 x 2 9/16 with instructions to refine the rails and thin out/pull in the tail as much as possible. My...
  11. aldo

    What is your can't go wrong board for low to average surf?

    And for the Firewire haters the Seaside can also hold its own in just about anything from 2-6ft
  12. aldo

    What is your can't go wrong board for low to average surf?

    I have a Lazyboy that loves small waves. Just glides over everything but can turn on a dime. Generates speed effortlessly.
  13. aldo

    Anyone ridden a MOTE Fiji?

    It likes the wave to be steep at 2’ or 10’ and anywhere in between. I had a long phish previously but sold it. I have another on order in Bali for a trip in a couple of months. Both great boards but very different. The LP has incredible range and rides more like a mid length.
  14. aldo

    Anyone ridden a MOTE Fiji?

    I have a 6’6 Fiji. Its definitely not a groveller. Likes lined up waves with a bit of push. For me its the perfect good wave board. Long Phish has a wider range but is a very different ride. Beau Cram muscles that board into doing what he wants.
  15. aldo

    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

  16. aldo

    whats your favorite hp like soft top?

  17. aldo

    Von Sol Shadow: Review and Pics

    Yes. I have gone back to my 5’11 recently and it is a great all rounder. Classic shape.
  18. aldo

    What's your favorite board between a groveler and a shortboard?
  19. aldo

    Stupid ding repair question

    Solarez. No mixing required. Just make sure you do the repair out of the direct sunlight. Use mostly q-cell if filling is required and glass over the top if it the ding is wider than a 1/2”
  20. aldo

    Stupid ding repair question

    Bondo? You could use if for filler but it will be heavy. When you use it for body repairs you need to spray paint over it to seal it. As ST says, just splurge and buy some surfboard resin and Q-cell.