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  1. kane

    Work Sucks

    I wish I would have gone into the military and maybe transition into border patrol and retire in my early 40s. Instead I'm still grinding. Funny thing my company just cracked the whip because a few of us would leave a few minutes early each day.
  2. kane


    I still have me a 6'2"x18.5x2 1/4. I probably haven't ridden it in 20 years as I'm old and heavier but it just reminds me some epic rides plus it has nice glass ons. Andy surfing is still relevant today and much better than the current crop of guys who just pump down the line and punt a 360 into...
  3. kane

    Moving San Diego

    The few surfers I know who moved here from the Hawaiian Islands rarely surf here. 90% of the time the surf sucks and the water is cold for the crappy surf. Lots of good food and biking trails. We do have world class bjj gyms in san Diego. Where is your work located?
  4. kane

    Head gasket + cylinder head machining in San Diego County or Orange County

    It's very common in subarus. It's also an expensive repair labor wise vs a typical inline 4 cylinder.
  5. kane

    Florence Marine Sale

    I only wear cool crap and nothing with the name Florence marine is worthy.
  6. kane

    SF beatdown

    Downtown sd is bad as well as most democratic major cities. Recently did a job in downtown sd and the sidewalk was much more crowded than that. Luckily we were across the street but that's the only time I been working 10 ft from my truck and actually locked it up.
  7. kane

    *** Official JJF Broke the Mold Thread***

    His moms better looking than his wife. She makes an appearance on North shore during the Halloween scene.
  8. kane

    Who will win the 2022 Rip Curl WSL Finals?

    This format is even worse than bobby martinez could ever dream of when he called them out years ago.
  9. kane

    Code Red Ka'anapali w/Clay Marzo (video)

    I was wishing this was a good wave instead of closeouts.
  10. kane

    Turds from TJ ... Free of Charge Amigo!

    Been like that for as long as I remember. Usually the signs just say high bacteria levels. I
  11. kane

    Aussie Sunscreens

    The best stuff I use is baby diaper rash cream. Just look for the one with the highest percentage of zinc. As a bonus I use it for my rash I might get from trunking it.
  12. kane

    Lake Mead water ... What will California do when it's gone??

    Ca once had the largest lake west of the Mississippi. They diverted rivers and built dams that killed lake tulare. All so we can farm in Central valley.
  13. kane

    Ranch Entry

    Crazy that big ass animal can sprint 35mph.
  14. kane

    MSW vs. Surfline Wave Heights

    Stormsurf quick cast and the buoys are all I use. Use to glance at surfline cams/reports but stopped once they required a subscription.
  15. kane

    "World Longboard Champion" (LOL!) suspended. Nobody cares.

    Just like the wnba nobody cares or watches.
  16. kane

    Kelly Slater looking husky/DONE?

    Pretty impressive but he ain't winning no title at weak trestles.
  17. kane

    SURFLINE: 2-3 ft.

    Learn to read the buoys kooks. I just use them for an idea of the wind. Don't pay for that surfline crap.
  18. kane

    John John has some serious air game

    Seems to be injury prone lately. Best all around surfer in the world imo.
  19. kane

    What's Your Number?

    Also if I had to do it over again I would have just put in my 20 years via military or law enforcement and been content on that for the rest of my life.
  20. kane

    What's Your Number?

    The key is to have your house paid off and send your young wife to work. Cock will be ready for her after she mows the lawn and showers after getting home from work.