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    The WSL is a disgrace.

    True, the Ranch needs a Waco setting for airs
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    Eric Geiselman, where's your head at?

    This is a guy that lands Kerupt flips on a regular basis, I am sure he had no problems hopping over that longboarder’s head and avoiding a collision
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    I think DeSantis knows that he’ll have to “Out-Trump” Trump in the Republican primaries. We all saw what happened in 2016, so Rhonda is now building up his reputation and following, to prepare for the showdown
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    Martha Stewart Swimsuit Cover

    Not bad for her age. She has had work done for sure, but seems like it was done tastefully and not out of control like Cher or Madonna
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    Possible move to Florida from CA

    The live pier underwater camera is cool as sh!t. Go to that same youtube account.
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    Possible move to Florida from CA

    I think it was recently surfable on the Gulf side. Need to give that a try. ^^^ FL needs more skateparks. Take away the injury-factor, the overall vibe of skating is so much better than surfing
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    Work Sucks

    Surf is fickle but I was able to be on-it, and time the wind/tide whenever there was a hint of a rideable swell. Once I see the palm trees from my office window blowing in a favorable direction, step out and feel the air, I slip out quietly. Some days it can get exhausting because I felt like...
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    Work Sucks

    I took surf breaks when I worked next to the Ocean. So fun
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    Surf at your own risk

    Those cannonball jellies look so cute, like a giant boba
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    Surfskate n Show

    Probably tasted better too immediately after surfing 100 waves
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    Balaram: most-talented-least-corny pro

    Best Hebrew surfer I've ever seen
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    Can someone explain the “Jesus died for our sins”

    I think about it every now and then and I’m amazed at how many people it works on, even on some of the most scientific minded people I know. But then here are things in life that happen, and people go through some tragedies, where it seems like turning to religion is the only way to move on...
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    JBD (not JBDevlin) loses his kid.

    Oh, no. So sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine the trauma, and hope you and your wife remain strong, for yourselves and the rest of your kids. He didn't by any chance work at Angie's did he? I may have crossed paths with him or one of your other children at one point
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    I pretty much gave up chasing waves, and actually prefer if it came to me and it was just in my backyard. I was fortunate enough to live in Atlantic Beach and Satellite Beach, and surfed whenever possible. Some days it would be just a 45 minute session, and on the best days, it was 3 sessions a...
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    Need more Florida negative publicity to discourage people from moving there. California, Nevada, Arizona are excellent alternatives
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    Brad Gerlach Wave Ki

    WaveKi is intended to make good surfers better, so it don’t apply to any of us
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    Dont do this in Japan

    On the other hand, surfing here is an absolute shitshow. Probably some of the most packed lineups in the planet. On a clean waist high day, I can shake hands with the people sitting out next to me. It drives me nuts, but Japan in general has so much to offer that I have put surfing on the back...
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    Dont do this in Japan

    I am in Osaka right now and the Dotonburi area is usually as packed as Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday, but at the end of the night, minimal trash, you don’t even get a hint of **** smell, and the Japanese workers are already cleaning and pressure washing a little after midnight. One thing I learned...
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    Dont do this in Japan

    It’s mostly trash from the ocean brought in and ending up on the beaches. The Japanese will die before they litter.
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    everything everywhere all at once

    I was trying to watch it on a 9-hr plane ride, and couldn't get past the first 30 minutes. I have to give it another shot. I really dig multi-verse type of stories.