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    Surf coaching

    It comes down to breaking down video. If you don't get video of yourself, the coaching won't help that much. You have to be able to see what you are doing. This is why pro's are good. They film 90% of the waves they catch and they watch them over and over. A coach that you trust will...
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    How long to get this level of skill on a foul? Best deal in foiling. Or I can find you used gear. What do you want to do? Depending on the sport it’ll be a bit over $1200. Sell two surfboards. Unifoil pinion hand wings. Any size $500 each right now.
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    How long to get this level of skill on a foul?

    Yes the SUP guys do shuttle's back to the start. On a wing you can go upwind, but it's work. You go upwind for 40 minutes to get 10 minutes downwind. Somewhere around that ratio.
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    How long to get this level of skill on a foul?

    All you grumpy surfers check out this video. This is what happens when you leave the kiddie pool near shore. There are bigger faster, longer waves out in the ocean.
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    How long to get this level of skill on a foul?

    I hate other surfers now. My session quality is determined more by the crowd than how good the waves are. Which explains why I spent more than half of last spring/summer at a lake instead of the ocean. Then when I am in the ocean it turns out that there are bigger and faster waves to ride well...
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    How long to get this level of skill on a foul?

    25 years as a sponsored kite surfer sure doesn't hurt. To do something that fun in your own mind. Maybe 1 season. So 3 months. You have to fully commit though. Wing foiling is very fun and not terribly hard to learn. Best to go somewhere and learn where you can do it 7 days in a row though. Like...
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    *** Official Billabong Pro Pipeline Contest Thread ***

    Kolohe was to scared to catch waves. 2 point heat total?
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    *** Official Billabong Pro Pipeline Contest Thread ***

    Women's quarters are on. Maybe the semi's. No Mens heats today.
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    Downwind Foiling Vlog

    If you're only going DW then the paddle is "so much more free!" That's what they all say. Everyone complains that the wing is to hard to manage. If you want to go upwind like I do, well then you need a wing to do that.
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    Downwind Foiling Vlog

    Comparing the Unifoil Hyper2 vs Progression lines. Western Australia.
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    Can you get a perfect fit(no flushing) with wetsuit and hood?

    I just use the separate hoods that you pull on and they have a longer neck piece that goes over your wetsuit neck. They greatly minimize ice cream headaches. The hood I have right now (rip curl) is especially stretchy and let's some water in on occaision. Mainly it keeps the ice cream headaches...
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    White water drills???

    Something a surf school would use to teach fundamentals. So that means trimming the board, learning how to change direction, etc.
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    Foil Kite Surfing or Kite Sail Surfing?

    It's called Wing Foiling. It's fun. Here's what the good kids are doing with it.
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    Hard edge rail full length

    No one's going to mention Greg Griffin boards? Fastest board's that planed the easiest of any I've ridden.
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    Detached hoods - how do you comfortably wear one of these?

    Don’t tuck it into your neck. Let it flap over the wetsuit for extra flush protection.
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    FOil accident in Hanalei
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    FOil accident in Hanalei

    Are we counting European wingfoiler's in that # of foilers? This is not a personal attack on you Havoc, you were just the post above mine is all. I think that surfer's have a myopic view of the ocean. Here's an image of an average day at Chrissy field in San Francisco. There are way more foils...
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    FOil accident in Hanalei

    Yikes. I'd also like to point out that foiling has been around for 5 years and 3 of them have been pretty crowded in foil terms and this is the first accident like this I've heard of. Surfboard fins are sharp too.
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    Possible move to Florida from CA

    Taking lessons is a good way to do that. They have all the gear and it's all set up for you. I recommend learning this way. It's just more fun and takes out half the hassle. Money well spent to see if you like it. If you're doing prone surf foil like I posted in those instagram clips it's 90%...