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  1. bluengreen

    The Craigslist Thread

    Agree. Looks wonk. Offered a trade for my 7'7 Vaquero
  2. bluengreen

    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    style and grace from one of the erBBs most vulgar "members" :monkey: ... while riding a door. True international man of mystery right here.
  3. bluengreen

    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Last Saturday on the log was pretty fun. Took the Andreini Vaq out today at Indo Mar in head-overhead, offshore conditions. Short-ish period and high tide allowed some rights in the north corner to line up pretty nicely. Nobody sitting out there so I did. Got a bomb right away. Once in the...
  4. bluengreen

    2023 El Nino

    Where are you guys? Seems like SoCal had a good winter. North of Point Conception and Hawaii has been bad. SF, downright awful.
  5. bluengreen

    6'-3" woodjoint

    You're making some nice looking boards.
  6. bluengreen

    Hess Surfboards

    Hey @doof, talk to Danny! He'll get you sorted. He's really generous with his time and has a bunch of demos in the shop. I just talked to Danny about a 6'7 step-up. We decided on a Banjo with a Traveler rocker and a touch more nose width than the typical Banjo outline. Twin fin with trailer...
  7. bluengreen

    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Just two sessions recently. One absolutely blown-out, low-tide desperation session last Friday. Watched from work as it went from doable to downright horrid by the time I could escape. Surfed out of spite, really. Took a personal day yesterday and had an epic session with the wife :monkey...
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    Album Surfboards

    Did he throw in the garage door, too?
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    Couple updates
  10. bluengreen

    Small quad trailers

    Looked terrible when Dane rode it for the Stab 100 contest in Mex.
  11. bluengreen

    Anyone ridden a Pyzel Wildcat?

    Felt one up today. I'd say it's a Socal good wave twin or daily driver for Hawaii or Norcal. Almost yolo'd the stock 6'0 but it was sprayed grey. Felt like it would rip in punchy waves in the chest to overhead range. Lamination from the Oside factory was super clean.
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    The Couch Surfing Show

    For the listener, who listens to the shred, And, nothing himself, beholds Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Fiberglass Stretch sets. hear these are not easy to find:
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    Dinosaur Jr Belly Up

    I saw them with Comets on Fire and Dead Meadow at the Great American Music Hall years ago. Incredible triple bill but my ears were blown out by the time Dino took the stage.
  15. bluengreen

    The Vaquero

    brutal winter. I was actually psyching on the south wind and small swell this morning because it gave me a chance to test the board at one of those north-facing spots down the 280.
  16. bluengreen

    The Vaquero

    Haha. Holy sh!t the duck diving. Forgot to mention that. I got the board with a Rainbow A Flex 8 1/4. Put it in the middle of the box. I'm not saying the board won't turn, just that the waves really only allowed me to set up in the pocket and trim for a short time. I might take you up on...
  17. bluengreen

    The Vaquero

    Interesting. What kind of surfing do you do on that 6'8?
  18. bluengreen

    The Vaquero

  19. bluengreen

    The Vaquero

    7'7 Vaquero Ride Report What a trippy board. Finally got this Craigslist score out in some small, clean surf at a local cove. Best waves were peeling with a nice pocket for 30 yards or so. Not ideal conditions for the board but good enough to get a feel. First thing I noticed was what a...
  20. bluengreen

    *** Official 2023 Community Surf Journal ***

    Cold, moody, gorgeous morning with offshores, looming cumulonimbus and snow crowning Mt. Tam. No barrels, but a clean window finally. Swell leftovers still on the outer bars and walling nicely toward the south with the central north zone looking smaller and less consistent. Paddle out just...