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  1. youcantbeserious

    Kelly Slater - DONE!

    He’s a freak - not just physically but mentally. It’s a once per sport competitive run. We’re lucky to have seen it. If you read this Kelly mahalos for all the stoke. You’re a legend.
  2. youcantbeserious

    The Best Podcasts?

    Odd Lots if you would like to know how the economy actually works. Philosophize This Revolutions is my favorite history podcast Listen to music for entertainment, if you are going to listen to people talk, try not to let them make you dumber.
  3. youcantbeserious

    ***The Official LA Isn't So Bad Thread***

    Cheeeeehoooo mahalos!!!!
  4. youcantbeserious

    Surf coaching

    Also spot on
  5. youcantbeserious

    Surf coaching

    So damn true
  6. youcantbeserious

    HBO - The Last of Us

    These are referred to as "bottle episodes" and they are 99% due to budget stuff. I think the mall episode of Last of Us was just a creative choice on the part of the writers, because there is no way dressing that mall was cheap.
  7. youcantbeserious

    Maui newcomer beatdown video

    You comment a lot on Hawaii threads for a guy who couldn't buy a wave there with a cool grand in your pocket We've seen you surf man
  8. youcantbeserious

    Maui newcomer beatdown video

    Which fight or battle are you referring to exactly?
  9. youcantbeserious

    Signed up for Judo. Anyone else on here?

    That escalated quickly!
  10. youcantbeserious

    Signed up for Judo. Anyone else on here?

    Got a better idea for practical self defense for females? One that doesn't involve going toe to toe with someone six inches taller and sixty pounds heavier? Or finding the one judo school in a 100 mile radius? :foreheadslap:
  11. youcantbeserious

    Signed up for Judo. Anyone else on here?

    For a girl, BJJ is the one If they get grabbed or someone tries to hold them down, lay on them, grab them from behind, whatever, they can overcome the feeling of panic and remain in control while they escape or submit It's also really fun Striking never hurts, and is essential for guys as...
  12. youcantbeserious

    Waimea SlowMotion Surf Video

    Medium size Waimea with terrible music
  13. youcantbeserious

    Maui newcomer beatdown video

    Having a house near the beach on the east side of any Hawaiian Island is like owning a boat you can’t sail. That said, I couldn’t ask for better neighbors. I leave for weeks at a time and the multigenerational Hawaiian families on my street look out for my family like their own. It’s awesome...
  14. youcantbeserious

    Maui newcomer beatdown video

    It's an outlier. Mellow working class neighborhood. I live there.
  15. youcantbeserious

    Maui newcomer beatdown video

    Paradise awaits you
  16. youcantbeserious

    Maui newcomer beatdown video

    There are haole living in Kahakuloa Not many, but they exist They know how to keep a low profile Being the brand new haole and leading with "hey friend, how about you move that rusted junk car out of your yard so my property value doesn't suffer" is probably not the move
  17. youcantbeserious

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Anybody living in Big Bear had an epic day yesterday
  18. youcantbeserious

    Laird Hamilton plastic surgery

    fvvk that. I've earned every wrinkle, every line.
  19. youcantbeserious

    My new film on Malia Manuel: south africa, indonesia, tahiti...

    Still hoping to pull you on to a project