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    Your current two board quiver

    album plasmic roberts metatwin
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    Travis Logie puts on a clinic with his STAMPS

    his ability to surf that f'd up sand bar (breaks like high tide at low tide ever since the giant swells came through) is impressive, but you're partially right. He's on waves that are all bigger than the ones they showed from the beach and the footage of him surfing is slightly sped up. Also how...
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    Album Surfboards

    I actually watched through most of the video. He said he got the board 9 months ago when the waves were good and he really loved it and then had an injury and didn't surf for months then this video footage is from small waves he's been riding lately now that he started surfing again. The review...
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    That was really cool. A lot of stuff I didn't know about the early days there and didn't focus at all on any of the obvious flashy stuff that wasn't as connected to the actual development of the company (only a few shots of the well-known riders and most of them not ID'd on screen). I find it...
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    Album Surfboards

    yeah, the fins do look deadly. Although the album NVS fascination twins (which are great fins) in futures probably terrify me more. That sharp point created at the base by the cutaway AND the fin is in G10... The only leash I've ever broken was with those fins and I'm convinced I must've cut the...
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    Album Surfboards

    BTW if the upright NVS album apex twin or asher pacey 5.59 are feeling too small or not drivey enough, but the asher pacey 5.79 feels like too much fin, I'm riding the captain fin version of the tyler warren twin fin in my plasmic and it feels great. Looks like a similar base as the 5.79 but a...
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Mine did that too. I would've just kept wearing it but then the teeth broke on the zipper. Got the warranty repair back where they reglued the seams and fixed the zipper. Used it for the first time post repair today and... The zipper teeth broke at the exact same spot. O'Neill fit me best too...
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    Darks Arts EPS and Carbon Fiber Surfboards

    Isn't this what Drew Bagget does for his black dart construction? Carbon fibers in one direction, S glass in the other. I haven't seen a lot of them but my friend's bean bag that he's had for many years and ridden a lot looks practically brand new.
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    Just got my stock 5'6 XTR Album Plasmic ordered in September. Came out really good. I wasn't expecting it to be XTR10 because it was cut well before XTR10 announcement, but it is! So what's funny is that the packaging was a mix of EPS and XPS foam. EPS looks like it was reused from previously...
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    State Park E-Bike Ban Petition

    class 2 and class 3 ebikes aren't allowed in California state parks anyway except on public roads. Class 1 are allowed on trails designated for bicycles already. So if they did enforce the rules, a lot of those bikes wouldn't be allowed. That actually seems reasonable.
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    State Park E-Bike Ban Petition

    Ban them! The only difference between mopeds and electric bicycles are the transmissions. But seriously, the dude could use a proofreader. oof.
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    I saw some vid of Machado's Sunday twin setup and he was using his big keel fins in there. Shane is using regular upright twins in there and as a result the trailing edge of the fin is much further forward than intended and that's what it looks like when he's surfing the board. it's one of the...
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    Album Surfboards

    his throw pillows look album branded too. :LOL:
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    Album Surfboards

    Just win the billion dollar lotto on Friday. Then you could buy another house to store them in. YOLOing an album or two would definitely be on my short list of things to do if I won.
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    Album Surfboards

    yeah he looks really good on the albums. There's this vid on Album's youtube of him on what I think is a Freewing. I know the erbb isn't hot for the Freewing but he sure makes the board look good.
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    Tomo MPH

    I forgot that you have fcs2. In fcs2, i think they're called split keels? now that @Retropete has confirmed they work well, maybe i'll give them a go as rear fins next time I ride a quad.
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    Tomo MPH

    Do you have a set of controllers? you could use those rears for an extremely upright rear. They're also 80/20 foil which adds a variable though. I feel like they wouldn't work well with front fins other than controllers, but you never know.
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    Leash cuff

    I've always like my creatures leashes but had a problem with a recent one. I happened to have bought it through their amazon store so I contacted them through that and they sent me a new one immediately. It has a two year warranty it turns out.
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    *** Official Griffin Surfboards Thread ***

    Hey Greg, design question for you. Why do you put a beak nose on your classic keel fish? Is it just for aesthetics? I feel like I recall you saying you didn't like beak noses as a design element because of the extra foam it was adding to the front of the board. I have a flat bottom keel fish...
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    interesting article about the $750 JJ Florence wetsuit. wetsuit design relevant