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    everything everywhere all at once

    unfortunately saw this is in the theater - couldnt wait for it to be over. pitt and and cast were good and it was well acted - just a mess of an over indulgent movie.
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    It’s a good thing iFall is registered to vote in the state of Arizonuh!

    knows about every single fringe issue in the universe, even the made up ones - but no - never heard of Q..never :LOL:
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    Official This Issue Is Not Going Away Thread

    i thought all his shadiness was with Ukraine?
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    how big is this laptop dude? they had it for years.. wheres all financial stuff you mentioned? so just dick pics
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    hunter biden likes crack & hookers = trump likes adderal & pornstars? is that better?
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    NSR - Mac Anti Virus

    ive been getting alot of emails from gmail recently saying my account was closed due to being a backup emaill for someone else account and to click here to fix..multiple a day, i just ignore but if youre on a mac i wouldnt be worried about needing any extra anti virus.
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    everything everywhere all at once

    originality maybe? havent seen Everything Anywhere... but Maverick was never go nna be a best picture of the year popcorn for the academy. It was entertaining, and nostalgic for sure but completely derivative, and formulatic. It was only a contender because of the reasons you said...
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    Part time workforce feels that working part time is too hard.....will now only teach school part of part time.

    depends on the gig i reckon. id just have to do the same amount of work in 4 days instead of 5, effectively making those 4 days worse than if i just worked 5 to begin with.
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    best case? no. best case is people go about their days - let donaldo take his lumps if any like a big boy and everyone gets to go home safe on tuesday.
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    brukuns does SoCal - October

    man one day at disney for 3 people can be like 1 extravagant week in Bali maybe even 2 not as extravagant weeks. i get its for the grom - but you can always tell him it closed :poke:
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    video edit software rec's

    great - now im out of a job
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    Fired BOCES worker loses appeal over refusing to attend LGBTQ training

    thats the american dream.
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    Chumps lawyer pretty much admits that an indictment is coming...

    brah its been low 40's air and 55 degree water here in the a.m.'s - for us thats the north pole. an unusally cold winter here for us at the moment. usually by this time its 75 degrees and the water barely dips below 59-60 in the winters.
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    HBO - The Last of Us

    agree with alot of this.. at the end of the day - i now feel like they didnt need to make this show. i thought it was way better than any walking dead but at the end of the day its a game. when i saw it was already the finale i was like no way - they the charachters and we the audience hadnt...
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    Kelly Slater - DONE!

    i think he's that competitive and also likes to see how he stacks up against the groms. Dude just won the pipe masters last year or the year before. He's still capable of competing.
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    Newsom pushes for $640 billion in reparations in the face of an already $22.5 billion budget deficit

    you got casino's. lets give the african american some of those and we're square, cool?
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    HBO - The Last of Us

    finale was ok. i had a feeling it wouldnt feel like a finale - cause theres really no cliff hanger or anything and the sequence made it all seem so easy. i dunno - they gonna have to come out swingin for s2.
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    *** Official MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal Contest Thread ***

    "shoulda been ere yesterday"
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    Part 1: What really happened on January 6, 2021?

    i haven been following along but are people denying 1/6 never happened? there are like 3 hour long youtube videos stichted together from trumpers and "journalists" phones footage. no need to go to MSM. was it all CGI or something? i dont get it?
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    Never forget…

    yup - went to the er a couple weeks ago. needed a mask