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    WTB Album Townsend

    Didnt he stop shaping for a minute and now is back up and running Also a geographic thing perhaps. prob more in LA zone
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    Captain Fin Snap In System

    another good point
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    Captain Fin Snap In System

    one reason why LokBox was a challenge is because people have Future/FCS fins around all over the globe when you need one or a set. Break a LokBox and youre pretty much dry docked on your trip. Great strong simple system though.
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    That was pretty Rad
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    Stab in the dark 2022

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    Fcs vs futures

    You should design and make a few sets to test. Do you think the guys at Future have thought of this and ignored the easy fix or...?
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    Fcs vs futures

    and what would be a "Subtle Redesign"?
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    Fcs vs futures

    I like Futures and 99% of my boards are that box. Ive also never had a loose one although yes have had some more snug ones. New board being made is the fancy FCS ones because shaper recommended for fin choice.
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    If you go to Baja...

    not really. we hang by that pool when were not even staying there. Pretend like you belong ....
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    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    Ordered a Rumener RNF Style board. Great experience and cool guy.
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    Foil Kite Surfing or Kite Sail Surfing?

    Matt pritchard/world champions son and Kevin Pritchard/world champions nephew. Runs in the family and his little brothers will be following
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    The Craigslist Thread

    get that JH and take straight to Beachhouse Ding Repair for a freshen up
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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Lowers/Middles was ok.
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    North Shore's New Reign of Terror?

    Willie is a HUGE snake in maui. Known for it...
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    North Shore's New Reign of Terror?

    um yea they know eachother
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    Oneill Ninja full face hood - WTF!?

    For sure interesting but a good dude and living a killer life
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    c'mon. You need to post Top and Bottom
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    Oneill Ninja full face hood - WTF!?

    His name is Treve and yes very good. Super good kiting as well and up at his place in Mammoth shredding now