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    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Man I surfed a growing swell down here Thursday and then got sick as a dog from my uncle Missed the clean surf all weekend and early week here im PISSED Speaking of nasty water, red tide doesn't need warm water right? There was some nasty orange foam on the inside, also a 2x4 w nails on it in...
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    Twitter lol

    oh snap hahaha its going down
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    Twitter lol

    writing code fucking blows lol I tried and it was a pain in the ass, although for some people its easy, like shredding 2 foot onshore is for me. :beer: While initially I found some delight in seeing twitter get crippled, now im in awe at how much of a dumb ass Elon is. I knew he was a bitter...
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    just a reminder to keep anything in your wallet. Not on an exchange if you don't have to. What is scummy is there were rewards for people keeping their stuff in... I never owned much tbh, never trusted the whole deal but I have a lot of friends who made out like bandits past several years. I'm...
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    Twinzer Feedback?

    man you gotta stop posting these im at work with a full on Endorfin in my pants
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    Lost Retro Tripper

    I have a friend that loves the cobra killer, it has a really aggressive double concave near the fins, I don't even know if it is a true double but it is wild by the fins. Friend swears by it. edit He spiderwebbed the deck by the tail very fast which is a shame because the glass w resin tint...
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    Mental Health thread

    Damn SurfFuerteventura that's rough! My gf has been really on edge recently and snapping at small things and I haven't been the most available since I've been slammed w work and school. Hard to take care of her and my sh!t. Can't imagine doing this with kids : (
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    Mental Health thread

    How do you break out of a dry streak? Been trying to surf but my car troubles have been remedied finally. Then missed swell because... "chores and stuff" Need to just go even if it sucks.
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    BULK UP an inch longer though?
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    Bobby Quad

    This local duu been shredding it. He shreds any board though
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    Bobby Quad

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    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    I like my redux because it has wings and they make me think of greg every time I look at them : (
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    *** The Official 2022 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    There is this local indian station and I was jamming it in traffic and they had some 60-70s rock jams that were far out! I'll try and find some of them. Makes me wonder how many badass bands I've never heard of
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    ugh so I love this twin trailer until he wave bowls up on peaks... is this just a skill issue
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    *** The Official 2022 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    Rarely do I hear a pop song on the radio that makes me google it. I knew instantly this one needed to be slowed up Found a good chop
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    Backyard Build

    hell yeah, I didn't know you shaped brah The color looks good. How do you make those fins for box setting? Just saw them? Dumb question
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    Tomo MPH

    Also if you follow Casa's rules, big difference. Straight to board bag every time. most dings are loading and unloading minus deck dents etc
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    Level of surfing on Tavarua

    double leash strings? kevlar?