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    Possible move to Florida from CA

    we're full. its hot humid and everywhere with surf is super crowded since covid.
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    ***Official Surf Podcast Thread***

    I listen to a ton of podcasts, but i cannot get into any of these. almost all of them are super boring. which doesn't really make sense, but they are to me.
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    Can we talk about Channel Islands?

    expensive, questionable quality
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    Black Friday 2022

    Back zip is just easier and no apparent downside unless its very cold. Plenty flexible, leaks a little easier.
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    Feel like up to an inch variance is kinda normal but not 3... Volume on the other hand, i feel like there's huge variance between some brands.
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    Black Friday 2022

    Probably just save the $150 towards a good wetsuit then
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    Black Friday 2022

    never had a volcom wetsuit, any good?
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    S.L. needs to be hacked

    There's no way this is true. Funny they would try to pretend otherwise.
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Anyone tried these C-drive NVS? I have a bord lacking in drive.
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    Explanation of Localism

    Where do you live, how's the internet? Any suggested neighborhoods? What's your favorite break?
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    Explanation of Localism

    never meet your heros
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    Explanation of Localism All CRIME Surfboards are designed by CJ Nelson & Ryan Engle, and are built to be "soft-tops that work". They are all made like "real surfboards", and constructed from shaped eps foam blanks with stringers, glassed with 6oz epoxy cloth, then finished with a textured EVA...
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    Legendary surfer/shaper reviews Firewire Surfboards

    This is what gets me. half the people on firewires can barely stand up, why buy the most expensive board on the rack? Part of it is #7, part of it's marketing. Part of it is the shop pushing higher margin boards? I see tons of FWs
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    where can i get a decent cheap top or vest?
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    Surfing is Broken

    How did you find out that's why
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    Thanks. That was going to be my next question, which of their builds are you going with / would handle chop the best?
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    How do you feel like these epoxy handle choppy conditions ?
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    Stop setting clocks back in the fall.

    Yea. pick one way and stick with it. We can adjust schedules to fit.
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    Surfing is Broken

    I don't get it
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    No more Bong for Griff

    Quiksilver has been a clothing company that sponsors surfers for a long time now. Didn't even know they still tried to make surfing gear.