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    the best way to use a bidet , or most common way to use them and are you talking about experience not just something you heard or saw on the internet

    i got these installed after a life changing experience at grand hyatt kauai. they are clutch
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    *** Official The Eddie Big Wave Invitational Thread ***

    This guy's a damn wizard with his drone
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    *** Official The Eddie Big Wave Invitational Thread ***

    the crip gives him superpowers
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    Which Hawaiian island do you like the best(assuming long stay)?

    Molokai would be perfect for what you are looking for
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    YOLO and the 1099-K form

    I;m getting a 1099-K but it wasn't profit or a business, it was losses from buying and selling hobby equipiment, which I would have 'receipts' of. so when you say you're good, and you;re getting a 1099K, what I don't get is are you not doing anything with the 1099-K and ignoring it when filing...
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    2020 can fck off!

    Nice I'm a little fat for the tandem wavestorm so I been going tandem with my 2 yo on a giant 11'6 beater paddleboard I picked up but its a lotta board and messing with my shoulders it's so wide. What are you gonna do after the tandem
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    2020 can fck off!

    epic. wat is the grom surf plan? long board? shortboard foamie? 4ft xtr for xmas?
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    ford trucks still the best like a rock!

    what does your sxs look like? damn thats a new one too
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    No more Bong for Griff

    do these pros even make minimum wage nowadays? There's only so many quiksilver tees tj max can sell
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    maybe his chick ordered it?
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    Hawaii- Done

    first uncle riding not a big drone guy haha
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    i am 6'0 215ish and have been riding the same 8.0 stringered rocket redux in dims 6’0 X 21.5 X 2.75 38.8 L for the last 2 years great board. Its probably my "daily driver" for waist to head plus (reef breaks). on the catalyst surf website they have a custom board builder where you can play...
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    Travel Medical Insurance for surf injuries overseas?

    Seen a couple gofundmes pop up from people surfing overseas and getting seriously hurt, I assuming leaving them with substantial medical bills. Any recommendations for reputable travel medical insurance for a situation like this? Or maybe you've had an experience like this before? Looking at...
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    Which streaming service do you use?

    switched toi youtube tv maybe 6 months ago its pretty sweet
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    Hawaii- Done

    interesting read
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    no. pics?
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    Hawaii- Done

    I blame southwest
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    Hawaii- Done

    i tried to pay attention and be an informed voter this election cycle looking at the local races and looking up who was getting $$ from where in their campaign contributions. its pretty sad when you see a lot of real estate, construction and mainland interests lining these guys pockets. seemed...
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    Perhaps The Best Ma'alaea Footage Ever...
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    Giant South Swell this weekend for Hawaii's South Shores

    Or eating oceanside in lahaina