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    5 Mil or 6 Mil?

    I'm exactly the same size and I've got a M Feral 4/3 and a M 6/5/4; both fit great.
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    5 Mil or 6 Mil?

    I can't tell the difference between a 5mm and 6mm suit, but when its 15-30 degree air and 38-42 degree water, I'm happy for every bit of heat I can retain. Feral 6/5/4 has been good for me; I think I'll get a third winter out of mine in New England. Dense rubber does a good job blocking the...
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    No problem. There's probably a little bit of extra room in the legs length wise, maybe an extra inch or so. Arms maybe room for an extra half inch of length. The suit is a denser rubber than most of the standard (billabong/xcel/vissla/etc.) neoprene, so I feel like it hides its excess better...
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    I'm 5'9" 160-165 and I've been wearing feral mediums and would say thile fit is nearly perfect. Im good in a medium xcel as well but need a medium short billabong/needs. Never tried an oniell suit, but have been very happy with my feral suits.
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    Florence Marine Sale

    Their sale prices are pretty solid, I just got two t-shirts, a sweatshirt, and a long sleeve shirt for $50. Did I have to buy a membership that gave me $20 credit on my next purchase? Sure. Has easily paid for itself and if they keep having massive sales every 6 months then even better. They...
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    Warmest hooded full suit and favorite winter gear

    Honestly it doesn't seem any different than a hood with a visor, other than it looks maybe a little aesthetically off. I think I'll get a full 3rd season out of my 6/5/4 feral in 39-43 degree water, limiting factor remains my feet, not my suit.
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    Billybong wetsuit fit advice for bigger guys

    Not a bigger guy but for what it's worth I just ordered a 3/2 in medium which I hit the lower end of their size range, but on paper that's where I should be, and I need to send back and try a MS because the medium had too much arm, leg, and chest space. Maaaaybe could have made it work, but it...
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    Lost 1996 Round Nose Fish?

    What fins have people been enjoying in the RNF96? Going straight twin or twin+?
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    Question for the booty boiz :)

    In very cold water (sub 50) I've had too tight of boots make my big toe go cold extra quick. Just aim for boots that fit right, can't say I've had an issue with properly sized boots when dry not stay snug and capable when wet.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    I would expect the Feral to hold up to more than one season. I've got nearly a full winter on my suit (6/4) and its showing very little wear. No change in leaks or water seepage, stitching and glued seams all appear to still be holding up really well. There's some wear to the liquid cuff seals...
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    I'm so so on the visslas 7mm boots. Ended up going back to my 2 year old hotline 7mm near the end of winter. Visslas fit a tad more generously (more give/more flexible) than the same size drylocks, but they also split near the ankle cuff on both boots so perhaps that is what caused them to start...
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    Wtf? This place is unusable with a phone

    I've been running my phone through Adguard's private DNS server that blocks a lot of pop ups. Who knows, maybe they're mining my data but it keeps the ads away
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    Can your surfing improve after years of surfing?

    I feel this way these days. I'm finally at a spot in my life where I can pretty much prioritize every swell and have all full array of gear I'm very happy with, only problem is the frequency of surf. Last summer was brutal; this spring has been brutal as well and its only going to get worse...
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    New board suggestion

    I've been riding the RNF Retro for the past year+ and had it out in a number of different conditions; its good thigh-chest+ but is still a bit more full in the rail and not really a hit the lip type of board. Isn't great for pitchy waves but I have a lot of fatter waves near me so it makes a...
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    custom wait times?

    It's also easy to justify compared to alternative activities. New road or mountain bike? New ski gear? Motorsports? They all make new boards seem really reasonable, especially considering the craftsmanship/artistic element of the product. Granted, I've got an excuse book many pages long on why...
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    Cheap traction pads?

    Just ordered a needs pad and leash. Honestly I've been looking for one that doesn't have any crazy graphics or logos so this is perfect. Solid price as long as the product is half decent.
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    LiP Sunglasses

    Perhaps the only benefit of needing to wear contact lenses is that they have a uv protection. Can't open my eyes underwater but at least they're not getting fried.
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    Feral wetsuits

    This is right from their website (FAQ).... "Q - I just tried on my new FERAL wetsuit and it feels too tight. A - Keep in mind that Yamamoto suits will take a couple surf sessions to stretch out a bit. Your new wetsuit actually should start out a bit tight. We suggest trying on your wetsuit a...
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    Done with Xcel. Need a new warm hooded 5/4

    100% the same issue I had with my xcel suits where the smoothie panels are in the suit; happening on my 1.5 year old drylock in 5-6 places which have all been mended with aquaseal but its just literally plugging holes until the suit sinks.
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    Done with Xcel. Need a new warm hooded 5/4

    That's a fair point. I think the warmth between both 5/4's would probably be similar, maybe a slight edge to the feral suit but total speculation. I was out on xcel moreso due to my last version of the suit being very prone to flushing around the chest zip, which they may or may not have fixed...