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  1. erik1938

    Random weird and/or interesting videos.

    Only 2 kinds of people who wear sunglasses inside, blind people and assholes.
  2. erik1938

    Random weird and/or interesting videos.

    That guy who runs the farm is a complete weirdo kook. A few years ago they were saying that they are a non profit. I go on the IRS website and I don't find the farm anywhere on the non profit listings. I emailed the farm requesting their non profit status number and no response. He is just...
  3. erik1938

    Dads blocking for son

    Dad had priority, paddled like he was going so since he had priority I didn't paddle, then dad pulled back to let his son on the other side of me go. Whateva
  4. erik1938

    Dads blocking for son

    So, I surfed Cottons the other day and while sitting there waiting for the waves a dad(with neon colored wetsuit) and his son paddled near me. There was a lot of sand on the inside moving around so the peaks were a little shifty. Well the dad paddles for a set inside of me so I dont go then he...
  5. erik1938

    Hard edge rail full length

    Anyone ever ridden a board with a hard edge all the way from tail to nose? I have see a few Maurice Cole boards and they had a hard edge full length, but I never rode one. How do they feel? Ever have issues with the front edge of the rail catching during steep drops?
  6. erik1938

    So how big's it gonna get Wed/Thurs/Fri on west coast?

    Everywhere along the west coast will be 1ft Hawaiian
  7. erik1938

    What is needed for a beachbreak to be good?

    Throw a didlo in the waser just adjacent to the break and it will be firing on all swell
  8. erik1938

    What actually is a 'section'?

    Pshhhhhh. A section is simply a truncated portion of the wave face as its angular momentum is entrapped in the hydro plastic vortex proceeding the surfboard water interface.
  9. erik1938

    3D Printed Fins

    Insert the time crystals in the slot marked, "Prime Corpus Blowpart." then sit back and wait for it.
  10. erik1938

    3D Printed Fins

    Is Your garbozo sailing past the spinning D-cheese? Then pull forward
  11. erik1938

    3D Printed Fins

    Don't do it. It will fill up to tremendous pressure then spew all over the place effectively sealing all of your orfices permanently shut!
  12. erik1938

    The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez (upcoming streaming film)

    I liked the part when he was like, "Hey all my surfboards are free range sustainably harvested and glassed with Hippo Semen!"
  13. erik1938

    3D Printed Fins

    What design software are you using? Does it allow you to adjust the location of the thickest part of the foil? What I mean, is, if you picture an airfoil, there is a portion of that foil that is the thickest. The location of the thickest portion of the foil with respect to the leading edge of...
  14. erik1938

    S.L. needs to be hacked

    Whenever there is swell and those A-Hats over at surfline dumb it down with their color coding conditions, someone needs to hack their site until they remove that lame color coding. They say there is no evidence that it makes a certain spot more crowded but I say BS. Just throwing this out...
  15. erik1938

    see this car chase yet?

    Ya, guys like that deserve a knife to the neck.
  16. erik1938

    see this car chase yet?

    About 3 times the police should have had him, but......they were not aggressive enough. In cases like this they should have toasted that A-Hole.
  17. erik1938


    Like I said, 17 million is only a little over half a percent of 3 billion. Do the math. That is nothing. Lets just hope that they actually use their money like they say they will. I hope you see what I mean when I say that 17 million is only half a percent of their net wealth. That is crazy!
  18. erik1938


    You do realize that 17 million is only a little over a half a percent of Patagonias net worth of 3 billion. So ya...basically they paid no taxes.
  19. erik1938

    Powder turns...

    Holy sheight...that last turn was literally surfing on a snowboard.
  20. erik1938

    Energy Blind

    Awesome topic. Totally agree that the "American way of life" is un-sustainable. We were led astray at some point after WWII when companies that valued people and their products transitioned to being run and operated by MBA's with zero engineering or scientific knowledge that only valued the...