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    Tyre Nichols

    . This is what happens when you hire based on equity and inclusion instead of choosing qualified candidates. .
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    October Surprise: Nancy Pelosi’s Home Broken into

    It's significant that the reports that Paul Pelosi called DePappy a friend were wrong. DePappy called himself a friend. Pelosi said that he didn't know DePappy. .
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    Asian on Asian violence

    Things weren't quite that clear cut in the 1990s. The United States was a pretty cohesive place in the '90s, and we didn't have leftist nutcases murdering scores of people just so that it would be blamed on evil gun-loving conservatives. That's how congress was able to run to the front of the...
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    Most dangerous erbber with a gun

    . Mass shootings represent a tiny share of all shooting deaths ----------------------------------------------------------------------- .....A Congressional Research Service (CRS) report from 2013 identified 78 “public mass shootings” between 1983 and 2012, which claimed 547 lives. For context...
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    Most dangerous erbber with a gun

    Whites make up a majority of the U.S. population, so the ONLY valid criteria would be based on per capita mass murderers. But don't let facts get in the way of a biased political agenda. Now do total per capita murders by race. Qualifier: Homicides include defensive killings. The actual...
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    What's "The Big Guy's" cut on this?

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    What's "The Big Guy's" cut on this?

    The red line is boots on the ground. When the U.S. commits American lives to a limited war I withdraw my support. Period. .
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    What's "The Big Guy's" cut on this?

    I guess that would depend on who is standing on whose land and poking whom. The right of self defense is God-given. .
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    Ya'll got fooled by this Chump?

    Fixed. .
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    McCarthy Tosses Swalwell and Schiff Off House Intel Committee – Then CRUSHES Reporter Who Tries to Defend Them

    . -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Have your views on covid vaccines changed?

    Yeah, I started as a vaccine proponent. I have always been able to trust that the medical establishment held my family's interests above theirs. Now I temper that somewhat. I was pretty fast to figure out what the vast majority of Americans now know, that the COVID virus was created by...
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    Former top FBI official involved in Trump-Russia investigation under scrutiny by federal prosecutors for his own ties to Russia

    Alinsky 101: Accuse your opposition of your infractions. Remember when the deep state left tried to impeach Trump for Russia collusion with a document created by Hitlary Clinton? Failing to report foreign agency is a felony, one which the deep state left also failed to hang on General Flynn...
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    Aretha Franklin's song Natural Woman is deemed OFFENSIVE to trans women

    Yeah, this ridiculous leftist crap is just fringe. Even if fringe applied there are enough fruitcake hot button issues to match the number of leftist fruitcakes. .
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    Aretha Franklin's song Natural Woman is deemed OFFENSIVE to trans women

    . Now are you offended? Aretha Franklin's song Natural Woman is deemed OFFENSIVE to trans women ----------------------------------------------------------------- The song A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin is being bashed by LGBTQ critics as 'offensive,' with one organization in particular...
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    The greenies are coming for your coffee

    . It's not fair that some people can drink coffee while others have to do without. People should drink less coffee to combat climate change, study says --------------------------------------------------------- Canadian researchers analyzed coffee’s “contribution to climate change” in a piece...
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    uh oh, Biden has docs too

    . .
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    A fourth location has been added to Biden's classified document tour

    . Between the two stories below we have scads of classified government documents, some top secret, floating around Washington D.C. for six years. The documents have been found to have been in four locations so far. One of those locations was a D.C. office which off-duty Biden shared with CEFC...
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    Man arrested for attempted murder of Brett Kavanaugh…

    Who said the roommate was a witness? Answer: the lunatic accuser, the expert who wrote a book on how to convincingly invent memories. Then officially he's not a witness to anything, period. .
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    Message access from mobile phone - help

    Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'. .
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    Can we talk about Santos?