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    A thread about fishing.....just for the halibut.....

    Summer fun at Topaz. Fished the low tide then shared waves with friends.
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    Happy Mother’s Day

    We haven't surfed these yet, and I think we're both waiting for a day off together with prime conditions. Surfing with family is always special and I never take the opportunity for granted. Happy Mother's Day to all surfing Moms!
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    Noble people of the Errb, donations?

    I have some things for the groms. OG FCS or FCS2? I have some Futures also. PM me for address please.
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    5'7 XTR Tomo V4 Model - Tom Curren Replica (SOLD)

    I'll take it, PM sent.
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    anyone ridden a Chilli Fire Chief

    If it doesn't work out for you, dibs on sloppy seconds! Did you pick it up at their new location? They're like a short two minute bike ride away.
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    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    Akila sent me a set of the Huckleberry's to ride with my Mod-Fish, but they have too much fin area for me at my weight. So my daughter has given them a go in her two Flat Earths. She has the 5'3 and the 5'5. I rode the 5'3 (24L) with just the twin set-up and it was super squirrely but seriously...
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    Von Sol 'Flying Manta' stub groveler

    I'm looking for fin advice for two Von Sols I recently acquired - 5'0" Manta (FCS2) and 4'11" Shadow (FCS). I can't find the specs on the stilettos or the von knight sets to compare which set would be the most versatile for both boards. I'm a light rider, 125lbs. Suggestions please.
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    Burgers and lame surfing

    My brothers played Pop Warner for the Harbor City Falcons and wore the green and gold. I remember they used some of Narbonne's old gear.
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    C'mon B!tches show me your ...

    Thanks for posting pics of your free standing rack. It's exactly what I've had in mind for storage now that the quiver has grown recently. It's perfect for my needs, I'm going to build one just like it. Don't need to know the volume, but would you mind sharing the dims?
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    Anyone get sick from surfing after the recent rain?

    I surfed Topaz on Thursday a.m. Sapphire on Friday p.m., in the rain. Topaz Sunday a.m. No issues.
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    South Bay

    This might help the debate. I took the pic on Jan 26, 2008 using a crappy Fuji FinePix s3100, no fancy lens.
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    Can you use a TWIC card to get into Pendleton to surf DMJ & Church?

    I've heard that TWIC card holders can get access on base. Can anyone verify?
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    So I made a Black Friday purchase, and I've added a 5'4" 25L Varial Album Disasym to my quiver. This will be first time on an asym. I know that there are a couple of dedicated sets for purchase, and I know that you can piece together a custom setup from whatever fins you have in your inventory...
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    Who else has convinced themselves they need a new board during this Covid-19 downtime?

    Most recent quarantine quiver additions, acquired as of March. 5'6" Mick Fanning softboard - Eugenie 5'1" ChumLee 5'5" Aipa ModFish (JOJ!!! arrived yesterday morning) 5'2" Chemistry
  15. IMG_20200628_175016696.jpg


    Quarantine Quiver
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    Red tide - We Ride?

    Although LA County beaches are closed, crowded sand tonight on the Venice surfcam. Lots of people viewing the bioluminescence.
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    LA beaches done

    Venice doesn't looked closed this morning. I've been watching the Surfline camera this morning...a whole lot of people are enjoying the bike path, the sand, and the water.