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    Comparison between DA and Varial carbon layup? Can you tell the difference?
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    F*cking Varial sale...25% off finally got me on the carbon YOLO:
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    Is Indo doable on 4-5k for 2 weeks including air?

    I went to Kandui for 10n/11d + travel days and spent about $5k, and that's high ya.
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    Costa Rica for a Month with the Fam - Where to Stay?

    Hoping to go to Costa Rica for a month in July/August 2023 with the family, where would you go? I've been there 4 or so times on surf trips and one trip with the wife, but always to the SW (Jaco, Hermosa, Dominical, Pavones, etc). Thinking about going to the NW coast this time and would rent a...
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    5'8" Varial Album Twinsman

    5'8" x 19.75" x 2.38" x 32L varial built Album Twinsman. In excellent condition, with some minor heel dents on the deck. Only ridden about 6-8 times. Just a little too big for my tastes. No fins included. $800 for erBB members. Locted in San Diego/Ocean Beach.
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    Ments in November

    I would bring the Cali Twin, the Shadow and the Blackbird...pending final forecast of course.
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    Home Exchanges?

    My family wamts to go to Costa Rica for a month next summer (July/August 2023), and we are thinking about joining a home exchange website like in order to facilitate that trip. This would allow us to do a recipricol exchange with a home owner in CR as a barter, which would...
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    Wow...I've got a 6'9" LoveMachine in Varial that goes soooooo good...
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    Anyone interested in going out to Killers/T.S. this winter?

    I'm interested. I've been twice and scored both times. First time was DOH+ and second time was DOH-TOH. I rode an 8'9" both times. Second sesh most guys were on 9'6" baords due to the 25 knot offshore winds...First sech my buddies (who both charge and surf Mavs) were underwhelmed by the DOH sets...
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    The Craigslist Thread
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    5'7" McNeill RTT

    Stonk. Original owner got it from the Sacred Craft show in Del Mar, surfed it once and didnt like it, and I picked it up for a nice discount.
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    5'7" McNeill RTT

    5'7" Gary McNeill Rasta Torus Twin (RTT). No idea on the rest of the dims but it feels about 28L. One of the fastest, best fishes I've ever ridden. I love this board...just getting older and fatter and 28L is just too low volume for me these days. Board has standard foot dents on deck and a few...
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    5'6" Channel Islands PodMod in FlexBar Tech

    bump Same ERBB deal
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    5'10" Stu Kenson Twinzer

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    WTB - Album Lightbender

    Only way I can help is to let you know my 5'7" LB is one of my favorite boards...ever.
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    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    Just picked up a LoveMachine FM, 6'9" in Varial build. Only have 1 ride on it but hot damn she GOES! Really light, but not too light for a 6'9". Rode it in kinda chunky windswell at my local right-hand reefbreak. Love the feel of it so far...
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    Shortboards!!! Album, Lovelace, CI, Patterson

    If you were down in my neck o the woods I'd be all over that Twin Pin...
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    Anyone ridden a MOTE Fiji?

    I've got a 6'7" MOTE Fiji on order. They were not taking orders for a while but are now taking them again. It's gonna cost me around $1100-1200 shipped here to So SoCal. No idea when I'll get it...pretty excited. Will see how it goes up against my 7' Townsend that I LOVE.