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  1. FresnoRipper

    Is Indo doable on 4-5k for 2 weeks including air?

    Stay at Mama Silvi's. I stayed there and the left is super fun. Local woman and her family have a few bungalows and she will take great care of you. Truth can get you set up. Have fun! DM me if you like...yewww
  2. FresnoRipper

    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    L to R: 6'7" Maurice Cole Shiva 6'4" Stamps Roswell (thruster with canards) 7'0" Stamps Long Fish (quad) 6'0" Maurice Cole Shiva 5'10" Channel Islands Fishcuit 5'9" Maurice Cole BearFish 6'0" Stamps Fritter 6'4" Maurice Cole Reverse Vee 6'2" Vulcan MiG 2014 John Deere 3038e 6' Agri-X Bush Hog...
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    That's a beautiful board, J. Shhtttoked
  4. FresnoRipper

    North Shore friends...need a favor

    Just wanted to say thanks to xxx for the helping hand. Appreciate the input from the erBB brain farm as well. Cheers bois
  5. FresnoRipper

    North Shore friends...need a favor

    Asking for a favor from anybody on the North Shore, or who can drive up there. A friend of a friend was recently killed in the line of duty working for a small agency in Oklahoma. He was a motor officer with a young family and was struck and killed by a passing motorist. He was born and...
  6. FresnoRipper

    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    Is anybody else having trouble accessing the Campbell Bros website? The linky I usually use is no worky.
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  8. FresnoRipper

    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    Wow! That looks amazing. Want one now. Thanks! Hahaha
  9. FresnoRipper

    Stamps fish left at Porto

    Tim hit me up about that board after hearing about this situation. Hope he was reunited with it. That's a special TKF.
  10. FresnoRipper

    Started a website

    to sell some t-shirts and whatnot... If you're looking for a Christmas gift idea or just want a t-shirt, have a look. Thanks!
  11. FresnoRipper

    I Want A TKF

    and fins moved rear 1/4", iirc. Epic board. Wish I still had my yellow 5'7" TKF
  12. FresnoRipper

    I Want A TKF

    Twink Eel Fich
  13. FresnoRipper

    Goodbye, Shortboards - A Personal Manifesto

    The El will always be legendary to me. He lives!
  14. FresnoRipper

    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Hey buddy, thanks! I got the large size in Futures. It's a great all around fin set. YMMV, but i've had good luck with them. For reference, I'm 200lbs, give or take 5 at any given time.
  15. FresnoRipper

    Mason Ho on Morning of the Earth twin

    Still love this edit from Nias I thought the same thing when Ace was surfing it.
  16. FresnoRipper

    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Dan Mann quad set from NVS. FTW.
  17. FresnoRipper

    If you left California, where would you move?

    Wanted a slower pace of life, some acreage in the "country" and still be near some bigger cities. Another big reason is that Tennessee is one of 7 or 8 (i forget) states that has no state income tax. Will be especially nice when I retire. So got a flying job out here. So far, the people...
  18. FresnoRipper

    If you left California, where would you move?

    Hahaha, right on! I'm glad she's at a good home. There is something special about a Bonzer Egg
  19. FresnoRipper

    If you left California, where would you move?

    Haha, it's all good, CAT. Yeah, it has three ponds, though I think they're all dry. Would love to resurrect one and take my boys fishing. The seller told me he hunts deer right on his own land. Gonna create a little dirt bike track on the SE side of the property. It's a whole new world...
  20. FresnoRipper

    If you left California, where would you move?

    May have to get into that :cheers: