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    We're all on the same team here
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    Hunter and his father are total criminals
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    Was Shokin removed from office because he was investigating Burisma?

    Trying to settle this once and for all.
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    Gromsdad - here's a video of Nick Fuentes

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    make america great again
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    the truth

    "THE BIG LIE" IS IN FACT A BIG LIE "Once a “committed supporter” of Trump, Schaefer now believes he was “manipulated and used by those who hold power and will never face any consequences,” his lawyer said. “While Mr. Schaefer accepts responsibility for his actions, he was guided and urged...
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    soak the rubes - part 87
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    he won't actually be on the ballot in 2024. His support will be down to 4-5 million weirdo dumbshits.
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    Is it positive or negative that a criminal who fomented an insurrection against the USA is able to run for president?

    This nation I live in seems psychotically idiotic in it's leniency TRUMP FOR PRISON 2024
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    Pence interview

    Is he a cuck, or what?
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    A non-political question

    How do people snort coke and do other drugs anymore? Are there fentanyl test kits you gotra use if you want to not get killed by fentanyl?
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    The Orcs won plenty of battles

    They had a huge army. Didn't matter. Good prevails in the end.
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    guns are cool! Make sure you and your kids have plenty Ethan Crumbley, 16, is accused of opening fire at Oxford High School outside Detroit on Nov. 30 with a semi-automatic handgun that his father purchased for him as a Christmas gift days...
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    prolly not gonna vote for this guy

    The Heisman Trophy winner said he reached a breaking point in February 2001. Furious with a man who was late delivering a car, Walker hopped in his Mercedes sedan with a loaded gun to hunt him down. “The logical side of me knew that what I was thinking of doing to this man — murdering him for...
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    sharky's ancestry
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    wonder what good guy with a gun bought these guns