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    Making waves: These women are challenging ‘skinny and hairless’ surfing stereotypes

    I personally like having a bit of insulation in cold water. Then there is Lynn Cox.
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    SF beatdown

    Silent quitting.
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    YouTube Channels

    Panasonic/Olympus micro 4/3 system is pretty good for better than gopro quality, but not totally breaking the bank. 4k video at 20MP, stereo sound recording, and underwater housings. A lot of different options in camera bodies and lenses. Plus, you can find adapters easy for other lens mounts...
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    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    What kind of house did you find in San Diego for only $700K on the beach? Anything I see on the market is like $2-3M for a condo size, which would put you in the $20-30Kyear tax bracket if you bought today. Or are you riding your bike in all the way from the desert and then claiming its your...
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    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    Obviously that's not true because if it was no one would buy that crap and they would leave. But, your neighbors are buying so they remain to serve a public need. I can see being pissed of you just built a new $5M restaurant on the beach and paying $50K/year in taxes only to have mom and pop...
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    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    just to let the elephant out of the closet. Poor people trying to make a living in a capitalistic society = bad Rich people using the law to keep their neighborhoods gentrified = good
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    How’s the stock market?

    Exactly, imagine if hitler had VR to go blow his load instead. Friends of mine have made careers in second life marketplace over the pandemic.
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    Different strains....

    I think sungrown outdoor is the way to go. If someone only cares about just getting stoned, they should stick to vape, edibles or tincutures. Smoking flower is for the connoisseur. It's like cigars or coffee, different soil locations give you flavor of the land. OG used to mean ocean grown...
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    Staged vs continuous rocker.

    I tried these fins. There was nothing really magical about them. My theory is at slower speeds its adding drag, but once it gets enough speed to build up the boundary layer it should go faster. The dimples are on the curved side of the fin, so if its reducing drag there, then you will get...
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    How’s the stock market?

    Who else missed the $GME 4-1 split/dividend payout? They are giving 3 shares to every 1 share you own as a dividend payout. This is a company with negative EPS over 4 quarters, revenue losses, and declining earnings. Complete market insanity.
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    How’s the stock market?

    Virtual sex is going to be insane and insanely dangerous. My friend does VR game development and showed me some prototype stuff of one those typical sword and sorcery style games but in VR. It started out all very normal like go kill the dragon, but then Red Sonja look alike shows up to join...
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    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    Only $7k per year? We need to get rid of prop 13, pay your fair share.
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    The illegal street vendors have taken over the boardwalk and I’m a bit pissed about it.

    Someone should start an illegal boiled beef and potatoes stand. Oh wait, it would go out of business because the food sucks. I hate capitalism.
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    The Official OBSF Support Group

    Is the san mateo mafia still giving out tickets if you park near Tunitas? Covid was the best thing for those local$, private beach for like 3 years now. I miss Chris Isaac and all the renegade beach raves.
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    stretch boards support and board pron thread

    I like the futures Alpha K2 twins. They are cheap too. A little better drive than the standard stretch twins, but not as tracky as the Rasta twins.
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    How’s the stock market?

    WTF SNAP? A couple weeks ago they are like oh yeah things are looking good, revenue is up, we have this cool little drone that will follow you and make you famous. Tonight, they are like oh just kidding, everything sucks. 30% drop after hours. What is the point in having a quarterly earnings...
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    How’s the stock market?

    When you look at the SPY trend from 2010-2019 pre pandemic and then look at the current down trend since january, you can get a rough projection as to when the market correction will end. My guess is somewhere between Aug 22 and Jan 23. The question is where to put your investments until then...
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    How’s the stock market?

    Are you sure about gains being tax free after moving to a Roth? I think if you move to a roth that would be a taxable event since you haven't paid taxes yet on the money you put in the IRA, but roth you must pay income taxes at purchase. That's basically the difference with roth you pay your...
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    How’s the stock market?

    I think this is what a lot of funds are doing now. 30% trailing stop loss is pretty standard. It's a snowball effect. The algorithms are kicking in to prevent further losses. A friend of mine was complaining he has 70% loss, I'm like dude you are retarded, this is why every broker has trade...
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    Dang, my kid didn’t get into any public CA University with a 4.2 GPA that was applied to.

    It could be they want to prevent her from becoming a trustafarian. My parents and extended family could have paid for my school, but learning how to apply for financial aid and dealing with the bureaucracy of scoring free money is a life lesson. Plus, when you know you have loans to pay off...