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  1. wavesnbabes

    Off To Look For America

    Ah bro upside down that dispensary sign is 666 Halloween bra. :shaka:
  2. wavesnbabes

    Are you eating a sh!t ton of candy????

    Bro, I'm going to tell you what right now. Ah brah if I am going to eat candy, THC is a MANDADORY ingredient, and the producer must be LEGENDARY...!!!
  3. wavesnbabes

    Strange Lights In The Sky???

    Ah bro trip out bra.
  4. wavesnbabes

    Pick your door

    Bro, I will give you one guess, and brah it isn't red or blue.
  5. wavesnbabes

    Andy Lyons For Mayor!

    Bro, I'm going to tell you what right now. Pushing the limits in the lineup and on the sand is my mojo 4LIFE and this bra knows it(y)
  6. wavesnbabes

    An erBB herb poll.

    Bro, I'm going to tell you what right now. Brah! When you're synonymous with herb, ganja has no schedule.
  7. wavesnbabes

    Any writers here?

    Ah bro the clock struck 420 EXACTLY 39 minutes before that photo. That bro is stoney, brah.
  8. wavesnbabes

    Happy birthday wavesnbabes!

    Ah bros I TOALLY forgot my own birthday. Bros, you know me better than I do. :shaka:
  9. wavesnbabes

    Season's Greetings!

  10. wavesnbabes

    Different strains....

    Ah bro different strains are legendary.
  11. wavesnbabes

    Can we talk about the keto diet?

    Bro that is EXACTLY what I am talking about! :shaka:
  12. wavesnbabes

    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Ah bra I have no idea what you're talking about bro.
  13. wavesnbabes


    ah bro, s is legendary bra.
  14. wavesnbabes

    CBD Oil Vape

  15. wavesnbabes


    Bro, I'm going to tell you what right now. Bra! There is NOTHING more legendary than a HOME DISPENSARY and bro, I am COVERED, fair-weather and 420 celebratory dispensary goers be damned bra. Brah! Nugs, vape, edibles, IN SURPLUS!! Coupled with cold ones, ON ICE, these are major essentials for...