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  1. racer1

    Fins: Stretch Quads, Keel Quads, Controller rears - Futures and OG FCS

    All prices include shipping. DM for paypal. I'll ship within 1-2 days. Stretch Buzz Quad. Futures. No scratches. I never used them, don't know if they've ever been used. $65 shipped. Keel Quads. Similar to those Machado ones. Brand new, never used. No scratches. OG FCS. $45 shipped...
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    Fin Purge: FCS MR Twins, Controllers, Futures F6, AM2 Techflex

    All fin prices include first class shipping. DM for Paypal or venmo. Will ship within 1 day of payment. AM2 TechFlex 5 Fin Futures Used once, no scratches, brand new condition. $130 shipped. Comes with fin key! Futures F6 - is this black sticks? Honeycomb with some carbon. Used once or...
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    Do you need a thicker pad for more flow?

  4. racer1

    Fin Purge cont., all FCS2: Reactor Medium thruster, Performer Med Quad Rears & Reactor Small center

    All fins in good condition, some light scratches on some of them but nothing major. Switching to Futures. Deals if you want multiples. DM for paypal. Reactor small center fin, I use this with large side merricks for my favorite thruster setup, goes good and loose. $20 shipped. Performer...
  5. racer1

    Fin Dump: Need Essentials Twin (future), Merrick trailer (future) and Simon Anderson quads (FCS)

    Prices include shipping. DM me for Paypal or venmo. Need Essentials Large Twin - hand foiled - fiberglass - These are huge (see sizing on link below) I tried them and liked them but going back to my go to twins One small scratch on both when my board was on it's rail against a wall horizontally...
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    OG FCS - Simon Anderson Quad Set - $40 shipped

    Barely used Simon Anderson Quad Set in honeycomb OG FCS Some very light scratches $40 shipped DM me for paypal
  7. racer1

    Pacific Vibration Fins

    I searched the forum but didn't see any results. Anybody bought from them before? Review? Brand looks kinda janky and they using FCS2 tech, so it's gotta be bootleg. But I want controllers in og FCS.
  8. racer1

    OG FCS fins for sale: Greg Griffin quad and McCallum Quad

    Gave away my only board with OG FCS to a friend down on his luck. He already had fins, so these are for sale: Greg Griffin quad set. Custom made by Greg for my wide tail groveler. Not sure on size but they're his standard quad set. I told Greg I didn't want them super sharp, so they are a...
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    Bodysurfing Peahi

  10. racer1

    Mason Ho on Morning of the Earth twin

    Not a spoiler since it's on IG, but Mason chose a 5'11 Morning of the Earth twin fin as his favorite board in the Electric Acid Surfboard test on Stab. Very low entry rocker, channel bottom twin Aussie Go Go model that I'm sure Torreyn has gotten clips on. Mason said after the first wave he...
  11. racer1

    For you YU fin lovers

    Found this ebay listing with dead stock fiberglass YU sets: Bought a clear set. Looks like only blue and red left.
  12. racer1

    2x4 - Josh and Seth Moniz on twins and quads

    Josh my favorite surfer in the younger generation. So smooth.
  13. racer1

    Surfboard Consultation by Noel

    "...discuss dialing in your surfboards, volume and equipment. Total Cost: $150.00 USD"
  14. racer1

    FCSII - Large - Performer - Quad Rears - $40

    FCSII Large Performer Quad Rears Same as Merrick large rears Used twice, no damage $40 includes shipping DM me for paypal.
  15. racer1

    Need Essential pads look like Astrodeck now FYI

    At $25 each, might order a few. They also do a 1.5mm geoprene top now for $60.
  16. racer1

    Hammer Traction

    Anybody try these pads? Looks kinda like Freak. Made in the USA. They have a 20% coupon code now USAMADE and shipping is $1-2 per pad.
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    2020 can fck off!

    But I'm having a baby boy April 2021! STOCKED.
  18. racer1

    Bobby Quad

    Go to 4:27 for Bobby's next pro model. Sounds/looks like a Stretch Nathan board. They even show Bobby's order cards from Stretch. @Scott Ando details please!
  19. racer1

    So I bought a PU board...

    I've been on the alternative build train for awhile now and can't remember the last time I had a PU foam / PU resin board. Might have been 3 or 4 years ago? Ordered this little 5'5 x 20" x 2 1/2" x 31 liters rocket (it's the Rocket rocker) from a local glasser who shapes on the side. $360 clear...